Shenyang north and south highway will build a sound insulation screen to create air tunnel yezimei

Shenyang North South Expressway will be built in sound insulation screen to create air tunnel "in order to reduce the traffic noise impact on residents on both sides of the viaduct, Shenyang city in the north and South Road from unity Road on the north side of the viaduct to Xinkaihe installation closed sound insulation screen. According to the introduction, this section of the road noise screen reach 816 meters, is Shenyang’s first set of fully-enclosed sound barrier on the bridge, the sound insulation screen is used new soundproofing, sound-absorbing panel with perforated aluminum and galvanized board, sound-absorbing material filled into aluminum foam, the sound insulation screen corrosion resistance is enhanced greatly. A longer service life, sound-absorbing effect is more significant. Landscape window with 15 mm thick reinforced acrylic impact resistant transparent insulation board, and to prevent an accident caused crash safety accidents caused by the insulation board, insulation board and all panels are installed anti dropping wire rope, for the first time in Shenyang by the process in the construction of sound insulation screen. Lighting studio with transparent insulation materials, LED lights installed in the top of the insulation board and vents, the vehicle feels like in Sightseeing Tunnel on the viaduct, no sense of oppression. Fully enclosed sound insulation screen is currently the most effective city road traffic noise, noise and it will be our vehicle produced by reflection in the sound barrier, can prevent the traffic noise 25 to 30 decibels, the car like Benz in the air in the tunnel.相关的主题文章: