Shenyang the Imperial Palace South heritage home mothering (video)

Shenyang the Imperial Palace South heritage "home" mothering yesterday is the the Imperial Palace of Shenyang Museum for its 90 anniversary, Shenyang the Imperial Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, the Imperial Palace Museum and Zhenjiang Museum held a "once in Shengjing – Shenyang the Imperial Palace South heritage exhibition". Shenyang the Imperial Palace is also called Mukden palace, is one of the three major cultural relics treasures of Qing Dynasty Royal Palace and famous Beijing Imperial Palace, the storage of nearly 200 thousand items and the Qing Dynasty imperial palace. In 1914, more than 110 thousand collections of antiquities here being moved to Peiping; in 1933 as part of the collection of cultural relics of the Imperial Palace south, after a few places, later moved to Nanjing; by the end of 1948, part of cultural relics from Nanjing to Taiwan. Today, the original hidden in the relics were preserved in Shengjing domestic museum. "Shenyang the Imperial Palace South Heritage Exhibition" based primarily on the use of Tibetan cultural relics in the original Shengjing palace is divided into four units, including jade, porcelain, lacquerware and other 90 sets of exhibits, including the Imperial Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, 51 sets of 14 pieces, 15 pieces of Zhenjiang Museum and Shenyang Museum of Tibetan cultural relics Institute of the Imperial Palace. Shen Zhen Huan brother-in-law Yun Xi paintings a prince first exposure "Yun Jubilee colors landscape book exhibition hall reporter caused concern. Yun Jubilee said many people may not know, but to mention the hit series "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in Zhen Huan you must know. Yes, in the play of the Yun Shen Jubilee is Zhen Huan’s brother-in-law. Zhen Huan sister jade Rao Zhen Huan’s favor, the emperor was called into the palace with Zhen Huan, because the appearance of a clever and lovely seven or eight points like pure element queen, a charming character like that in the palace of the Hua Fei, is the emperor of fancy, but because of the love and allow the jubilee, the emperor to give marriage, jade Rao Yun Jubilee. Of course, this is the setting of the plot, but the prince Shen Yun Jubilee is real, and the Royal calligrapher. Yun Jubilee is the twenty-first son of emperor Kangxi, formerly known as Yin Jubilee of emperor Yong Zheng, avoiding taboo change for Yin Yun, is the Qing Dynasty painter, calligrapher and poet. The mother knew Yun Jubilee humble, but it is not affected by the first emperor of the world attention, and tasted a lot of bitterness. But he does not improperly belittle oneself as a growth, be neither humble nor pushy, full of wit of a young spark. This is very close to the reality of the jubilee. His mother was the only princess of Shu Han woman, Emperor Kangxi died when he was 12 years old, so he could not go with the older brothers for storage are not eligible. He was indifferent to fame and wealth, not political, but concentrate on the literati ink Dan ya. He is good at painting and calligraphy, good at landscape, flowers. Hou Yun Jubilee temperament, frugal life, although expensive for the prince, but courteous, never tired of studying. Yun jubilee and Zheng Banqiao fellowship program, in more than two hundred years of history, can be said to be a miracle, a prince and a friend to a county magistrate, and eventually became the best, really puzzling. The 48 year old young Yun jubilee. "Yun Jubilee colors landscape book" a total of eight pieces, painted in the changing seasons a picturesque scenery place, so good to hear or see. This landscape is more popular in the Qing Dynasty, more like the current tourist map. Hoist type tableware box play belt can put 78 pieces of tableware was the most striking exhibits "black lacquer of dragon and Phoenix gourd cutlery box". In fact, it is a large gourd, the upper and lower halves can be opened, the inside is full of stacked the damage相关的主题文章: