Shenzhen judge in the case of overtime pay attention to the case of the contradiction prominent (

Shenzhen judge disease in overtime cited concern about the "human case contradiction" prominent (Figure) – Beijing Baoan court judge office filled with files the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Shen Tingting correspondent Lv Jing on the 24 day, the reporter found that the Shenzhen Baoan District court judge to work overtime in WeChat circle of friends to record their contents in the disease caused a lot of concern also, this reflects the Shenzhen court system of "one case of contradiction". It is reported that this year 1 to September, Shenzhen City, Baoan court more than 58 thousand, closed more than 35 thousand, the per capita line judges received 466 cases, closed 292 per capita, fewer people than the case "phenomenon is serious, many judges in the long-term high-intensity handling pressure. This is not the case in Baoan District, throughout Shenzhen, the first half of this year, the city court accepted all kinds of cases over the same period last year a substantial increase of 30%, the per capita closed more than 120. Heavy court trial, the judge handling the case of huge pressure. The phenomenon of people in the case of the contradiction of overtime become the norm in mid July of this year, Shenzhen Baoan court civil court judge two new disease to Joan with two children, she had to rest, data show that until she was sick before the break, she received about 600, closed more than and 300, a monthly average of more than and 40 of the cases, according to the normal work time can not complete this work, only work overtime, which is almost the entire Baoan court judge norm. According to reports, the Shenzhen Baoan court tribunal of two people each year are the basic judge in five hundred or six hundred cases, at present has been married more than and 300, have more than and 100 open court written judgment, there are more than and 100 cases with hearing. Data show that in five years, the Baoan District court closed the number and per capita closing number occupies Shenzhen court first, which received 256723 cases, and concluded 233902, an increase of respectively 32952 and 11686, the growth rate was 14.73% and 5.26%. Baoan court official lamented to reporters: the judge does not increase the number of reduced, the loss of judicial assistance personnel serious, people case contradiction is very prominent. A Baoan court judge told reporters that since the beginning of the end of September, until the end of the year, the court of Baoan every Monday, three nights, seven points to nine points, the other time, unified overtime; irregular voluntary overtime. According to the Baoan court of the person in charge, in such a high strength pressure cases, the overall level of the hospital and police officers health declined year by year, a few police officers is overwork, fell ill in the workplace. Reasons for the rapid growth of personnel shortage in Shenzhen in the end how many cases a year? From 2015 Shenzhen intermediate people’s court work report can be seen. It is reported that in 2015, Shenzhen City Court accepted a total of 286387 cases of various types, an increase of 27.1%. The new cases in the court of the first, gone through 224488, an increase of 8.1%, accounting for about 1/5 of the province’s court, as the work before the release of the report, there are more than 60 thousand cases that have not gone through. Shenzhen, the case of a small number of contradictions for a long time, the reason is that the current resident population of about Shenzhen.相关的主题文章: