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Shuangseqiu 16134th forecast period: take the small amplitude Basketball – Sohu Shuangseqiu 2016 133rd lottery results 151621222733 + 15, weight code only opened a company, group number is 2 (1516, 2122), and the ratio of the size of the same parity 4:2, quality digital collective contract, ball number 0 pieces. Analysis of the double chromosphere 2016134 129-133 forecast period leading in turn to open 05-03-04-05-15, five in stage three to debut (05 on the cold code omitted from the 129 to 14 period, 130 period 03 period missing for a period of 12, the 05 place missing interval 133 period to 10 period), according to the leading track recently the 2016134 stage, should pay attention to the temperature and the thermal performance of the leading code. Four out of 2 tail code continuous decline, then two rally, the Phoenix rose to 33 points to 5 points, amplitude, combined with the historical period and judge recently 30 period chuhao data, higher probability of 2016134 decline in the range of Pteris, 28-31. The three partition ratio is skewed, a partition appear out of stock phenomenon, the ratio is 0:4:2. The analysis of 2016134 red three partitions: a 133 division suffered bye, before a few period more than one area with scattered, performance, combined with the historical period of a trend, 2016134 stage fixed 0 road number two out of 15162122; the partition, the company opened two groups, weight, neighbor code phenomenon no, the last three period even more significant thermal phenomena, the even number combination look cold, should focus on weight codes or adjacent codes out; three division award number ball 2733 in the previous period, all the odd phenomenon in every reproduction, in accordance with the number of trajectories in light of the recent three area of a red concern is the number of neighbors. In front of three out of the 02-07-15 basketball, basketball three continuous fluctuation amplitude range, with amplitude trace period, amplitude interval next exhumation rate, beware of a strong rebound in the amplitude range. (definition: zone four amplitude 0-3 into a zone, 4-7 zone two, zone three, 12-15 8-11 four) fixed red basketball number 8+2:03,07,09,13,15,20,28,32 + 12,13 6+1:03,07,15,20,28,32 + 12相关的主题文章: