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Funny sister Tucao: Mu birds even true love are guilty anthomaniac offer Kardashian James ouch ~ the girl is! Hello everyone, today is Saturday! The Premiership champions will face the challenge of Mourinho United tonight! Do not want to know is a sparks contest, not to be missed ~KG this morning announced his retirement, the wolf has finally become an independent school style retired, KG, TD, KB in the same year to retire, this term is the Imperial Hall of fame? Haha, look at today’s Tucao it! If you have a funny joke and Tucao please remember to watch more sports @ funny sister, sister tease Tucao, click to download the sina sports client > > time and again come out, sister tease in micro platform! Welcome new and old readers, fans from all walks of life and fun together to talk about sports, Kan Dashan, gossip! Scan two-dimensional code or search micro signal: sportsfunnygirl fast sweep ———————————- Mu birds make anthomaniac is true temperament! It is recorded in such a plot of Mourinho’s book: Mourinho is to tell you to go to Brazil for vacation experience… All of a sudden, he was quiet, not only him, but the whole Chelsea team didn’t seem to be able to move. Jennifer was walking in, Aniston, and she shook everyone, and he was frozen to the eye. Jennifer then returned to Mourinho with a smile, for a long time after God: Damn, Brad Pitt, is a really idiotic! Well… The book is a history of the heroine Muzi’s ~ ~ @ Sagittarius Kim: "very simple, he hasn’t seen Anne Lina Julie." [@ Luyang: "half an hour later, Julie also came from the front, Mourinho Petrochemical moment, but drops said: Mom, I also quite idiotic…" A sleepless night] @ panda black eye: "Mourinho then added: Jennifer – Aniston 1 points, Angelina – Julie 0 points. Then he pouted to imitate Julie’s lips, everyone laughed." Inside and outside the store filled with happy air? @Fe22eT-JG: "then Terry stood up…" @ sleepy star Maple Jun _Louis: "there is a group of people, the evening college soccer sit aside rest on the runway, came a running long legs sister paper Vu ~" cow dung piles ": @ – United fans form a state: it must support the magic bird, then look at the other…" I love Tom Curise: "when I saw Nicole Kidman, I thought he was a psycho." [@ Peng medicine: "Quanan Wang is an idiotic wet…" "We are the Arsenal ———————————-]" Beckham accidentally have a team of Arsenal fans ~ his son kneeling will go to watch the ball with them… Why are you unhappy? The hedgehog control: "Beckham ~ @ ~相关的主题文章: