Small aunt basket color NBA daily recommended the Nandi Walker kuanggong home court

Small aunt basket color NBA daily recommended: the Pacers kuanggong NBA home court against the start of the new season, small aunt continued last season, will push the 1 main field to you every day, regardless of the odds, fundamentals or injuries and so on, small aunt will have very detailed information, hope to be good help to you! VS Indiana Pacers nets recommended: 6.5 wins to choose this field as the main push, small aunt also considered many aspects, the Pacers in first games win Dallas, crazy team got 130 points, but the defense is relatively lax, let the opponent get 121 points data today, the normal up to 251 points, is really Speechless. The eastern face of the weak points of their nets, really can continue to look forward to. High efficiency Walker’s top star George, 14 in 7 (3 points in the 5 ball 4), absolutely amazing, he scored 25 points and 6 assists, really can not think he had a broken leg. The second is to play Teague is still stable, from the eagle came after he had not adapted, 8 assists +20 absolutely trustworthy. There are 19 points, Myers Turner Monta Ellis 30 points, so let you are looking forward to the team’s bench! They are CJ. Meyers, Starkey, Al Jefferson et al., the last game with a total of 25 points, given the strong support of great force. This is not the most important, the Pacers played for 30 assists, much of the trust between friends, this is the main reason for the small aunt valued this team, is to look at the bench plate can win depth and combat, it can never go wrong. The first match losing to the Celtics 5 points in the fourth quarter to a frenzied counterattack, I recommend they let one to destroy, but from the team’s tenacity, the Pacers decidedly better than boston. The star – Jeremy Lin scored 18 points and the Norwich 21 points, the other main has 10 points, but substitute Harris and Justin Hamilton respectively is 16 and 19, very good. But their defense and assists are very poor, most of the 5 assists Trevor Booker. In fact, looking at the nets line-up is good, Hollis Jefferson, Lopez, Scola, Bogdanovic, big Jeremy Lin, Booker and so on, but this team is a spiritual leader, if only Jeremy Lin and the Norwich, it is ranked 3 after the countdown can East. So we can give some help to the other team team, especially Lopez and Jefferson et al. The little aunt chase after nearly 10 times the record of their opponents, the Pacers were 7 wins and 3 losses, the last time in the game against the Pacers won the 3 time, and each time there are at least more than 7 points difference. In fact, in 10 games overall, the Pacers won 7 times the difference is: 24-14-7-25-1-14-17, the overall look is definitely strong rhythm of the nets to eat oh. The nets won 3 times the difference is: to win 10 points, winning 5 points, winning 12 points, 2 times won the home court, but all is in walking back to back, so I prefer the Pacers win win!)相关的主题文章: