Small Binbin will tender wife locked out what come in to take the clothes (video) ddrtys

Small Binbin will tender wife locked out: what clothes come in small Binbin will tender wife locked out: what clothes Tencent in entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, small Binbin (Wen Zhaoyu) and his second wife Jun 6 years marriage, frequently taking a mutual choke, the couple have separated. The recent cold weather, Jun said 17 days before she stopped to get back at Xi Meng bin winter clothing, but found Wen Zhaoyu lock to change, is not willing to let her in, until she left after the clothes thrown into the guard room. Small Binbin the couple separated in July, two people in the media are exposing almost decorum. Small Binbin alleged to have told his wife that the lamb oven is not good business recently, she should save a little, but the woman still love money; also let Jun facial plastic, with 100 thousand Yuanlong nose. Jun is controlled by husband abuse, mother-in-law mental abuse, decided to divorce. The recent cold weather, and typhoon day, Jun Xi stopped to get back at hee hee (Meng Mengbin) winter coat, but found that Wen Zhaoyu has been replacing the locks. She called to ask him to open the door, but heard each other back, do not answer the phone call you, come in to get clothes." After she left, only received a phone call, things are lost in the management room, take it!" Jun said in an interview, have been too lazy to be angry with him, "hee hee half coat are not, I have to take the typhoon Sijhih, also insisted that I take no thought in the end, he is the son of the clothes to wear!" In this regard, small Binbin have said, in the centre of the meat shop, if finally or not willing to communicate, to go on "divorce, custody of his son one half." Jun said, "if you want peace divorce, custody is not so hee hee, the court; but he didn’t even talk about, simply can not married." The couple’s ineffective communication once again onto the table.相关的主题文章: