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Small NBA debut: let the brave prediction 4 4 3 small cannon NBA handicap spurs full debut Shenyong: let the prediction of Beijing 4 October 28th 4, today is the prediction of the first show of the new season after the return of small NBA smart, small results were also deliver the goods. 4 games make prediction to predict the outcome in 4 all hit 3, the size of predicted inferior hit just two. One day 12 handicap hit 9 of them, the total hit rate of 75%. [Click to view the latest victories today & tomorrow; forecast prediction 4] to 4 small cannon debut today brave from the beginning of last season NBA scores, small quite a result in the prediction of NBA, the 4 game today, small play also called brave. Especially the Spurs 102-94 victory over the Sacramento Kings, not only small prediction Spurs win a victory over the Spurs is the probability is not high, accurate recommended the king let points to win, but also hit the ball the size of bets in this field. Another bull 105-99 victory over the Celtics, small 3 handicap all hit the same. Tomorrow, a total of 8 games, knights, thunder, warriors will play, the Rockets will also launch a civil war with the Mavericks in Dezhou. Prediction of small and big data have been released, so what, quickly to click to view.相关的主题文章: