Snow breaking Li Ming ceramic sculpture seminar held in Zhengzhou

"Standing in the snow, the wall" Li Ming ceramic sculpture workshop in Zhengzhou held a seminar site of sina, the Central Plains (Wen Wentao Wang Yushan Ren art Hongbing) talk of a "Henan ceramics" can not help but the image is "bottles", people in the "Henan ceramics concept" may be the inherent image of the Millennium unchanged. Now, Henan ceramic art with the continuous pursuit and Research on the development of the times and ceramic people, also in the continuous evolution and breakthrough. Rong ancient today, as people tend to be large ceramic, Li Ming is "broken" model. Ten years, I think he will face the Western sculpture painting Kung Fu skillfully blend to China folk art modeling techniques, coupled with him on the traditional glaze imbedded in the use and transformation of new ideas and measures of openness, so that it works very precise bearing, other ceramic Damour, Zhong Kui and Rohan vivid, dressed in colour fambe glaze of clothes is more close to the contemporary aesthetic characteristics. Wall chart for ten years before   Li Xue Jun Brokeback painting color. The morning of November 12, 2016, sponsored by the Henan literary critics association, Henan Artists Association, Henan daily arts department, Henan Fine Arts Publishing House, on the ceramic sculpture art China ceramic art master Li Ming in the north and south of the Zhengzhou mansion launched a ceramic sculpture art workshop open up a fresh outlook, Li Ming with "standing in the snow, the wall" as the theme. The seminar together with the famous art critic, from the province of Henan Art Association, leader of school artists, media leaders, famous ceramic artists, collectors and other senior ceramic art people from all walks of life come to see the crowd and learn the art lovers, their academic insights and express his own opinion, in our all-around, stereo the analysis of interpretation of the famous ceramic art ceramic art master Li Ming. Centaline publishing media group, vice president of Henan literary critics association chairman Wang Shouguo presided over the conference, vice president of publishing media group in the Central Plains of Henan province art critics association chairman Wang Shouguo presided over under the curtain. Literary critic, writer of Henan Province, the first Dean of College Sun Sun famous literary critic and writer of Henan Province, the first Dean of Li Ming Sun Sun College of art ceramics highly "now is the art of Jun porcelain really started, very representative of ceramic art of Li Ming’s portraits of Jun glaze, rich and accurate, which comes from Li Ming the fine art ceramic tradition with the elements of our history of ceramic culture, the craftsmanship fusion with contemporary art, we have to clap to celebrate". Vice president of Henan University Zhang Baoming School of artists, vice president of Henan University, Zhang Baoming published "I am Damour, Damour is my" theme of the speech, he said: "Li Ming ceramic art, the art has no longer say, everyone in the eyes. The spirit of his works is the activation, changing the rustic charm; the firm in the heart, outside of the road is Italy; Jane Damour and Li Ming from United, organic fusion has together". Xi Weiquan, vice president of the Art Institute of Henan University, vice chairman of Henan Provincial Art Critics Association, vice president of the College of Arts, Henan University相关的主题文章: