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Doctor Tan Xianjie: Sohu | union is sexual life caused by gynecological diseases? Sohu – Sohu Wen Cai Niangwan in isolation but also a health referral to gauze cover hand in, the problem is not a good answer, now, obstetricians can accurately answer than you, it can not blame! Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Peking Union Medical College Hospital professor Tan Xianjie recently published a book "the uterus", will you answer this problem carefully. If the uterus is likened to a palace or castle in a woman’s body, a variety of infectious diseases of the cervix, vagina and vulva are a fire at the entrance to the castle. In the unfavorable wind conditions, these fires can affect the uterus, fallopian tube, ovary and further infection of the pelvic peritoneum, causing pelvic inflammatory disease, affect fertility and health. In other words, the female genitalia was prone to some disturbing problems, coupled with the popular not correct health concept, let women suffering gynecological disease problems. Vaginal irrigation should not be a regular bedtime project for commercial purposes, some of the ads, the vagina is described as a sterile operation room, encourage women to use special lotion every day care. In fact, the vagina is not sterile environment, but a variety of bacteria in harmony. Most of them are beneficial bacteria, mainly lactobacillus, which can maintain the weak acidic environment of the vagina and inhibit the propagation of harmful bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria are more fragile, if often used to wash the vagina with antiseptic lotion, the first injury is it. A small number of harmful bacteria, but the fluid resistance is strong, once survived, it may lead to trouble. In addition, some people will be allergic to lotion, there may also be allergic dermatitis vulvae. Therefore, vaginal irrigation is not recommended as a regular bedtime program unless required by the physician. Life in the wrong man innocent, do not speak of health both in the sexual life of women how to clean themselves, in the course of life, in fact, are difficult to be sterile, excessive cleanliness will affect nannvzhishi fun. However, sexual life is indeed associated with gynecological inflammation. Women who had no sexual life and nuns had less gynecological inflammation than married women and women who had sex more frequently. If the male partner foreskin is too long, the possibility of women suffering from inflammation will also increase, not only the general inflammation, but also includes some special inflammation, such as human papillomavirus caused by cervical cancer. In some ethnic groups, boys are circumcised after birth, and the proportion of women with gynecological inflammation and cervical cancer is much lower than other ethnic groups. So, although do not advocate women’s cleanliness, but for men may wish to strict hygiene requirements. Clean the philosophical problems of pubic hair shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, pubic hair and eyelashes and eyebrows before that, has a protective effect on the vulva and vagina, but that is not the same in human and animal’s clothes. Then can have the clothes, the protective effect of dust from the pubic hair disappeared from a certain extent to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. For example, a people itch called "crab" disease occurred in the pubic. Today, pubic hair is not a medical protection.相关的主题文章: