Song Xiaobao had exposed the child looks like my wife with

Song Xiaobao had exposed: the child looks like my wife with the leftover Sina entertainment news media broke the news yesterday song Andy [micro-blog] is already married, his ex-wife with Song Xiaobao birth. Second wife for song Andy gave birth to a lovely twins. Song Xiaobao had also worked in variety shows in drying out the photos of their children, and said: "my child looks with her mother, is some scrap like me!" Haiyan site also revealed that Song Xiaobao’s wife looks white and beautiful. Recently Song Xiaobao derailed the news spread, there are rumors that MS A is a fan of Song Xiaobao, Song Xiaobao and many miscarriages. However, this news has not been Song Xiaobao’s response. Then Song Xiaobao’s wife and children of twins exposure. But yesterday, the media pointed out that in fact Song Xiaobao is married, twins Song Xiaobao and current wife child is born, his ex-wife and no birth. His wife is named Huo Xiaohong, Song Xiaobao when the actor performed together. Sina entertainment found Song Xiaobao earlier in the "cherry red" premiere ceremony to the program group exposed a pair of twins children photos. When it exposed a group of super adorable baby at the scene of the guests and the audience are not believed to be the children of Song Xiaobao. The swallow looks the most black audience broke the news that most people knock Chen children. Haiyan also said Song Xiaobao’s wife and beautiful white. Song Xiaobao also said: "I feel shy of the two children generally looks like her mother’s leftover looks like me." Also said that his son’s ears the most like their own, in addition to blood type and DNA like me. (xlzy text)相关的主题文章: