South Fujian Overseas Chinese debut of the first batch of Silk Road International Cultural Expo-acbel

Taiwanese overseas remittance unveiled the first Silk Road International Cultural Expo – Beijing new network in Quanzhou in September 20, (Liao Jing) 20, Fujian Quanzhou Overseas Collection and researcher Huang Qinghai with 500 overseas Chinese cultural relics unveiled the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural fair. To promote cultural exchanges and seek common development as the theme, 20, held in Gansu, Dunhuang, the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural fair. Huang Qinghai said, "Hayes memory" as one of the six China Museum exhibition thematic exhibition hall, on the topic of "maritime Silk Road overseas Chinese treasures exhibition, exhibition in Fujian and Guangdong to overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, at the same time show trading through the maritime Silk Road brought back the foreign commodities and life and production tools etc. the historical heritage of Chinese immigrants, to explore the trajectory of the maritime Silk Road, reducing traffic shipping conditions, each region along the inter development route, financial dealings and folk custom culture, to the world about China story. "Yesterday to Li Xian package nephew, son challenged, the size of home safe adults’……" In a letter sent to Yongchun, Holland overseas Chinese, wrote. Huang Qinghai believes that the precious memories and humanistic care an overseas remittance to the guests from all over the world feel the "World Memory Heritage". Huang Qinghai said, in the southeast coast of China and Southeast Asia and around the world between overseas Chinese and silver letter, the colony including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Kampuchea and the United States, Canada, Australia, Mauritius, Cuba and other countries; involved mainly in Fujian, the hometown of overseas Chinese in South Fujian Guangdong Chaoshan area, including Guangdong, Meizhou Wuyi region (Yin Xin), Hainan. The letter writing time is 100 years from 1885 to 1987, spanning the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China to People’s Republic of China in the historical period of the past three years. The exhibition has 10 showcase, and with Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe and Australia, Vietnam Burma Thailand and other non Hester along the country, but also dedicated the 3 topics related to overseas Chinese information display. Special exhibition are: Chinese home licenses, Hester financial road — the international exchange ticket, Hester financial road — overseas remittance currency terms. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition through the global overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese silver letter network layout, highlighting a Chinese led to Southeast Asia, connecting Europe and the United States, by the string of relatives of the maritime silk road". Since the middle of the nineteenth Century, in the southeast coastal area of China, another batch of people along the "maritime Silk Road" or "Nanyang" immigrants in Southeast Asia, to the world "gold", therefore, the "overseas Chinese" the immigration of financial products. Huang Qinghai said that overseas Chinese not only records the overseas Chinese in the country of residence, living conditions and activities of local historical and cultural development of information, but also on the 19, twentieth Century Chinese and the world economic and cultural and political exchanges played an important role in promoting. It is understood that the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) international cultural fair by the Ministry of culture, press and publication administration, the National Tourism Bureau, Chinese CCPIT and Gansu Provincial People’s Government jointly)相关的主题文章: