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Spielberg: like the alien ridicule ma have super powers – Beijing, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter He Jing yesterday, Alibaba Film Group Limited and Amblin Partners in Beijing signed a joint development program and held a press conference. The famous director, Amblin Partners chairman Steven? Spielberg and Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma launched a dialogue at the signing ceremony, to explore their understanding of the future movie. The opening of a conference, the host quipped Ma looks like Spielberg’s "E.T. Alien in the E.T., Ma smiled and said: I am like an alien, two, I am as warm and friendly as aliens." Spielberg also laughed and joked: probably we think Ma and aliens, have super ability." According to the agreement, part of the Alibaba pictures will buy Amblin shares of Partners, one of Amblin Partners’s strategic shareholder, the two sides will make joint investment, cooperation, in derivatives and publicity issue areas in close cooperation. This is the first time since the establishment of Amblin Partners China capital. Ma Yun said: no matter how the development of science and technology, the machine is no soul. The film is the use of technology to create, we want to use the film to connect people’s hearts together." Spielberg added: "technical innovation allows the director to express the story in a new way, more efficient, more focused on details, more freedom of imagination. Just wake up, want to make the dreams vividly expressed, while the film and it contains technology is the hard way you can." Director Spielberg’s work "a giant" will be released in October 14th, this is the first project of Alibaba Amblin Partners pictures and cooperation. This movie is an adaptation of Roald? Dahl’s best-selling novel "good heart giant" tells the story of a girl, and a nice giant story. Spielberg said that he has always liked the story, read to their children, the children also like. Many of Spielberg’s works and childhood, he said: "my childhood has been accompanied by my life and work, I think the adult is the hardest thing that has prevented the childhood imagination passing slowly, I am very lucky to have a job can cultivate imagination."相关的主题文章: