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"The spy alliance" first Chinese poster Peter will be the first China propaganda – Sohu "spy entertainment alliance" the first Chinese poster show Pete killer character [map] Click to enter the HD entertainment news by Sohu best director Oscar winner Robert – directed by Zemeckis, Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, Oscar winner Marion – starring Claudia, Love Spy war epic "the spy alliance", will be held in November 23rd in Chinese and simultaneously released in North america. Today, the film exposure of the first Chinese poster, the screen highlights the theme of love, fixed in the moment Pete and Marion kiss. It is reported that starring Brad – Pitt is expected to come to China to participate in the spy alliance, the promotional activities, which is the first time the Hollywood superstar in China for his work publicly unveiled. The poster show black romantic kiss Pete Marion beautiful hidden crisis movie "alliance" tells the story of a spy during World War II, Brad Pitt allied agents Max and Claudia played Marion Marianne for the French spy mission disguised as a couple, after the completion of the task of two people a false thing becomes true married a girl, but they then fall into a suspicion the spy mystery case. Today released the "spy alliance" the first Chinese version of the poster to simple atmospheric black background, dressed in suits Pitt gentleman van bursting, Marion dressed in a silk dress noble texture. In the soft light, the two fixed in the eyes closed kiss, the thick romantic overflow in the picture. But the black background but also conveys the film contains the suspense atmosphere, unknown dark contrast "invisible enemy" threatened by growing crises. Recently, "the spy alliance" has released the first Chinese trailer, Peter and Marion not only staged ambiguous "mutual tease and desert passion romantic drama, more to life and death, in the face of large aircraft bombing shootout, action scenes, the two men attempted to say complex eyes still rest also makes the story to the whirling. Peter is expected to close contact with China propaganda fans 20 years to see God in addition to Chinese released the first version of the poster, "the spy alliance" also brought good news for the fans: Brad Peter will come to China to attend the premiere of the film. This will be the first time the Hollywood superstar has come to China to show his film. "The spy alliance" in the grand background, tells a touching love story and suspicion, across Morocco, the United Kingdom and other shooting. In addition to the film very touching love theme, there are aircraft bombing, shootout, tank raid and other commercial blockbusters to watch. Industry insiders have said that such a level of the director, Oscar has starred in, and whirling story, superb acting, elegant style, exquisite picture. More industry insiders said that the work of the perfect story and production has been fully equipped with the Olympic potential. Spy alliance will be released simultaneously in China and North America in November 23rd.相关的主题文章: