Sri Lanka refused to a team of 15 million euros annual salary Hengda Hengda or beyond Lippi (video)-musiland

He refused a team of 15 million euros a year to renew or exceed [information] Lippi Hengda Hengda announced the renewal of Scolari led the team to cut 4 Champions 1+1 Scolari signed the contract Nandu news reporter Feng Zhen last night, Hengda club announced with Scolari to complete the contract, the new contract for the 1+1 model, namely, a year later, if certain conditions are met, the contract is automatically continued for a year. According to the reporter, Hengda and Scolari agreed to renew the problem already, before Lippi had entered the country on foot last night Scolari was officially settled, just sign the contract. It is reported that Scolari refused the invitation of other clubs in Europe 15 million annual salary. Scolari’s contract is 1.5+1, 1.5 is about to expire, the two sides signed to 1+1, a contract is not too long, to some extent, can also see Hengda’s attitude to Scolari: Scolari is Hengda best choice at present, but is not necessarily a long-term selection. In the contract announcement, Hengda Scolari made a clear expectations: to continue to maintain a leading position, to consolidate the championship inertia, the continuation of the championship cycle, to develop more and better Chinese football star of hope. Visible results and training new, will be considered the most important standard Scolari coaching results. Less than a year and a half of the time, Scolari has won two Super League champions, led a AFC Champions League champion, a super cup, as long as at the end of November, Suning to beat the Jiangsu FA Cup champion, he won the championship number LED Hengda will catch up with Lippi, and he spent less time. In the future, at least a year’s time, his title number is likely to be beyond Lippi, constant brigade history team won the highest number of coach.相关的主题文章: