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"Subtraction of life" exposure posters supporting Qi Xi Han Tongsheng portrait of joining Sohu Han Dongsheng Song Yiren entertainment [Click to view more HD map]     Sohu entertainment news by Xu Lu, starring Wei Daxun, Huang Yan, Ma Lin co directed the inspirational youth film "subtraction of life" will be released in November 11th. The film side today released a set of supporting posters, the song she, Xu Yue, Qi Xi, Tuling love back, and leaves Li Chengpeng, Fan Linfeng, Daying, Miao Yao, cross join Han Tongsheng old drama of bone strength, more cameos, showing full sincerity. The film revolves around the "slimming" topic, Xu Lu’s lovely girl and Wei Daxun’s warm handsome male in a casual encounter difficulties in life and struggle together, thus staged a warm inspirational story. The old and new actors to help out "subtraction of life" warm heart sincerity zhichuo heart     supporting the exposure of the poster, not only starred in the drama "rhinoceros in love" and the movie "all growth" literary actress Qi Xi offered special performances, as well as national level actors, called the father of specialist Han Tongsheng, who plays Xu Lu the father in the film, staged a sincere and moving love daughter. At the same time, the new generation actress Song Yiren, Xu Yue, vitality, impressive. In addition, the film actress and director Ye Daying, Tuling guest host Miao Yao and writer Li Chengpeng, model Fan Linfeng cross join.     the landlord, the gym from the film to the kitchen, delicacy of the characters have such students so the strength of the team appeared, enough to see the director of actors in the choice of the strict attitude and strict control of the quality of the film, which is full of sincerity to sigh. At the same time, the poster presentation "only the crack of the hard shell, you can find yourself, regardless of work or love, you want to fight for their own, and then face the outcome of" heart warming words, sentence zhichuo heart, as well as the whole movie temperament, inspirational warm heart. After the release of the poster, netizens have expressed great expectations, there are users lamented: I hope this film is a good medicine for the lost mind". Director Huang Yan debut to create warm inspirational stories show young people joy and sorrow   "life" by subtraction xulu and starring Wei Daxun, were playing weight-loss but often failed to pursue a dream and lovely girl’s warm handsome male singer Mao Sichuan, plans to escape the first cross-border appeared as a forced livelihoods become a chef the genius of music in the film, under the three chance encounter, staged a warm inspirational story. As a screenwriter and director Huang Yan’s debut, focusing on modern young people’s life situation, dig their inner feelings, and create humorous dialogue, to convey their perception of life struggle. Huang Yan said that in this fickle era, young people from the movie can reap some comfort and guide, "to give young people face troubles in life can refer to values or solutions, and they moved on. The movie will be shown nationwide in November 11th.相关的主题文章: