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Sun Xingmin for the first time in training or to play without Li Qinglong Ki – Sohu sports pending   foreign media. November 13th Beijing time news, 2018 Russia world cup 12 strong Asian Cup group A fifth round, the South Korean team will be in the home court against the Uzbekistan team. The normal training day before the top star Sun Xingmin for the first time in the South Korean team, striking. Asked about their injuries, coach Stielike said the rumor has no right, will be the strongest team against Uzbekistan. South Korean media reported that South Korea is currently only third in the A group, out of the coil. The fifth round of the match against Uzbekistan has become the key to reverse the passive situation. But Sun Xingmin, Ki and Li Qinglong and other players injured, the first time for training did not attend the Korean team. Held in Tian An comprehensive stadium with Canada’s warm-up match, the three men also did not enter the bench even. Although the South Korean team to 2-0 win over rivals, still attracted public unease: "the South Korean striker had enough attack, if Sun Xingmin could not play against Uzbekistan, winning is smaller." However, the second public training in the national training center in South Korea yesterday, the 25 players gathered together for the first time finally. Korean media said, because of a foot injury by needle surgery Li Qinglong will play in Uzbekistan in the war is still unknown, the day he alone was a light recovery training: "his recovery speed is much faster than expected." Relevant sources: to tell the truth, before he did not want to play the game, but the recovery rate exceeded expectations, but I am also very strong desire for the game." In the debut season of Sun Xingmin and Ki two main warm-up on the day of the training also showed a good physical condition, Stielike said in an interview with Sun Xingmin’s injury has no right, certainly can be played in the Uzbekistan war. The report pointed out that the fifth round of the South Korean team is very important, if it lost to Uzbekistan, the South Korean team will qualify for the direct loss of competitiveness." Stielike said, "of course, Iran and Canada’s strength can not be compared, but won the Canada does give the players confidence plays a big role, I hope this momentum and continue to fight against Uzbekistan." The day of the training, Stielike, to participate in the absence of the 25 players Canada war into 2 groups for training, and focus on strengthening the quick passing exercises. (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: