Suning senior position for no foreign aid plan their performance is very

Suning senior position for no foreign aid plan: they played very well recognized foreign aid performance Suning correspondent reports together Yan 2016 seasons ago, just took over the Jiangsu football Suning is very generous in foreign aid, has signed the 2015 Asian Cup finals MVP, Sainsbury’s, Australia International who represented Brazil in the 2014 World the Ramirez cup, 50 million euro Teixeira and his friends if only, leaving only foreign aid last season to help the Jiangsu team to get the FA Cup champion Croatia midfielder Samir. After half a season, Suning has made adjustments in foreign aid, Samir was loaned to Hangzhou Greentown, if released, until a few days ago and the old club Corinthians again. The summer window, Suning has introduced Columbia striker R Martinez? And Korean defender is Hong, came to the Super League, the two players to adapt quickly, and the former Teixeira striker invincible, Hong has become the defense of the two main. From the current situation, four foreign aid from Suning first in general is Teixeira, R, Ramirez and Ma Hong is good, Sainsbury’s in 70 minutes to replace Ramirez on stage, this has become a routine team coach cuilong Zhu ". Meet intensive schedule, just hung and Sainsbury’s rotation. It is worth mentioning that, even if there is a period of time as a substitute, but not what Sainsbury’s complaint, optimistic he said follow the coach. The five foreign aid now has a contract, with the team running in half a season to them, getting better and better performance, so even if there are some foreign players, such as inter Japanese players are Suning and spread gossip, but the winter transfer window, Suning not change the idea of foreign aid. The team’s foreign aid performance are very good, we do not consider foreign aid adjustment program." Su Ning executives said.相关的主题文章: