Surprised the outside world Scholars explain why Cai Yingwen sent to attend the new network apec–

Surprised the outside world? Why did Cai Yingwen send James Soong to attend the scholars to resolve new network [APEC-] global network comprehensive report pacmos office Taiwan Tian SEF chairman once said: "the cross-strait relations should not be worse", people first party chairman James Soong is that he can solve the cross-strait deadlock. In this regard, Sichuan Province, Taiwan Academy of Social Sciences Research Center Li Donghai said, when Cai Yingwen asked several times, James Soong promised on behalf of Taiwan to attend the APEC (APEC) summit, despite the long wind, let the outside world have accident. According to the Hongkong China News Agency reported on October 9th, Li Donghai analysis, the tacit understanding of Cai Yingwen and, as early as in 2016, the leaders of the regional elections in Taiwan reflected. James Soong Zhu Lilun was the first onslaught, the poll Cai Yingwen blind, "assists" Cai suspected outlet. At the same time, in Taipei and other regions of the fourth constituencies, the DPP and the PFP also reached a cooperation with the KMT’s stealth. According to James Soong, Cai Song after the election of two people every month to see once, it can be said that James Soong is like a "presidential advisor". Why did Cai Yingwen choose James Soong Li Donghai that, for Cai Yingwen, the "international space" has "lost" many times, if not a breakthrough, I am afraid of people can not explain. DPP criticized Ma Ying-Jeou’s foreign affairs arrangements, and now can not be achieved. To participate in international conferences frequently, is the green heart. Cai Yingwen knew that in the Taiwan World Conference on Civil Aviation (ICAO) in the "invited" status, not consent cannot take place; but under the framework of APEC belongs to the economy, formal membership, influence is relatively small, the DPP’s operation more space. Ma Ying-Jeou eight years, sent on behalf of the deputy leader of the APEC level. Not even in the lien memorandum of economic department heads, still can attend. Chen Shuibian also wanted to send representatives at the same level, but did not succeed. As mentioned in the preceding two, if Cai Yingwen sent the economic department heads and easy to be criticized as "green self dwarf", but if we maintain the level of Ma Ying-Jeou, is the "diplomatic breakthrough". Cai Shenzhi, Mr Lv Xiulian, could not be approved by the mainland, and the two blue camp deputy leaders who were attacked by the DPP could not go. She had to go down to the outgoing chief of public opinion. James Soong "blue green", and recognized the "92 consensus", and Chinese leaders have met the highest be elected governor, four times for the leaders of Taiwan, Cai Yingwen is the best candidate in his pocket. The order has decreased, but Dumbledore was quite obvious. In the course of the election, Cai Yingwen still owe the human feelings of James Soong, just right now. If you don’t agree with James Soong, the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan, can shape the "92 consensus still does not admit" international space "" atmosphere, to red, orange differentiation, packet loss to the mainland; if the mainland agreed to James Soong to attend the meeting, Cai Yingwen can be said that in the absence of recognized the "92 consensus" of the situation, Taiwan still has "the international space", to relieve the pressure on the island. If the mainland leaders have contact with James Soong, Cai Yingwen can also be attributed to their credit. Win is not lost, of course to send James Soong out.相关的主题文章: