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Suspected mentally ill vagrant home improvement – Beijing hospital China Gansu news network October 9th according to the Lanzhou Morning Post (chief reporter Wang Lanfang) October 8th, the reporter learned from the Tianshui Third People’s Hospital, more than a month ago, the district police station to the hospital sent a teenage suspected mental illness patients. After treatment, the patient’s condition has eased, but because of its poor contact, medical staff has not been able to understand the history of the disease. In order to find their families as soon as possible, the hospital hopes to help find the media. After careful medical treatment, "Wang" has been able to communicate with people is simple. Chief reporter Wang Lanfang she according to the hospital nursing department director Lei Zhijie introduction, August 29th, Qinzhou Tianshui County Public Security Bureau police station sent a suspected mentally ill "stray baby" to the hospital, about ten years old age. Because he did not have family, do not speak, the medical staff can not know his basic information and the cause of the disease, the incidence and duration of illness, etc.. During the interview, the reporter saw the nurse pointing to the number on the calculator is to teach the boy learn to count. According to the nurse said, just admitted to hospital, the patient on any physical contact is very exclusive, do not know the toilet, it can be said that there is no self-care ability. In order to obtain the trust of patients, the staff patiently to take care of him, teaching him to speak and recognize the number, the nurse gave him the name "xiaoshuai". It is reported that after the treatment and nursing staff with intimate, the current "Xiaoshuai" has been able to staff and a simple game, but also can take Arabia number from 1 to 10, he occasionally smiled and shouted "sister gave him a piece of candy". Looking at these subtle changes in the patient, the nursing staff are pleased, but also to find their families and deeply anxious. They hope that through the media, "handsome" parents, family or friends can understand "Xiaoshuai" contact, and their contact telephone number: 0938-8226310.相关的主题文章: