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Taiwan media: Cai zhuangshui called the degree of new scenic party can wake people – Sohu Military Channel Taiwan network September 16th news: Taiwan Central Daily newspaper network editorial pointed out that Cai Yingwen had criticized the authorities horse is you pretending to sleep, but after more than three months, we almost can be sure that the Cai the horse is no less, not only the society not wake, even the DPP party will not wake zhuangshui, its degree, called the new political landscape of Taiwan. 93 Catholic army parade, Cai Yingwen turned a blind eye, saying "we took stroke", said she would pretend to sleep. 912 tourism parade, asked the authorities face off land for the sharp decline of industry impact. Before the parade, Zhang Jingsen government members suddenly wake up, said mainland tourists are our most in need of a friend, but the Executive Yuan spokesman immediately said his remarks do not represent the "Executive Yuan" policy, in other words, he is to continue zhuangshui. Although the "Executive Yuan" made $thirty billion bailout, but obviously the wrong prescription, the industry does not appreciate. What is the reason for the authorities besides sleeping? In the cross-strait relations, the ability of the authorities to pretend to sleep more alarming. From 52 to 0, the Mac and SEF are in sleeping state, met a reporter asked, will only answer questions like skipping. So for a long time, the reporter also know this is zhuangshui raving, now there is no what to look forward to. A SEF chairman of the board, you can drag more than three months before the appointment, and also said it was good, really eye-opening. Cai Yingwen day before the Mid Autumn Festival to attend the activities of the SEF Taiwan Business Association, in his speech and even said that the SEF chairman Tian pacmos can provide the best service for the Taiwanese friends. Just imagine, one could not go, the chairman of the board, a fax is read back to the SEF, can provide what services for Taiwan? In fact, the number of Taiwanese businessmen to attend this year, more than 1/2 years ago in the KMT ruling period, we can see that the Taiwan authorities also know that the authorities in the sleep, simply can not wake up. The "New South" policy is zhuangshui, even the DPP legislators criticized, budgeting Budget only four billion and two hundred million yuan, the trumpet too softly. In fact, the DPP legislators misunderstood Cai authorities. The horn blew, because Cai authorities know that, the "New South" impossible. Cai Yingwen’s office is responsible for the "Huang Zhifang director of the New South", are not to butt heat transferred to Singapore, and the "Executive Yuan" is responsible for the "New South" the administrative committee of Taiwan has said that the "New South" advantage is Taiwan’s sincere. Even the authorities themselves do not believe, of course, do not even know how to budget. Indeed, the authorities in charge of sleep are not awake. However, why did the authorities need to sleep? That’s what we’re going to ask. Observed after nearly four months, we have been able to understand the difficulties of CAI zhuangshui authorities. A if the authorities have the ability, ability to solve problems and countermeasures, that do not have to get to sleep; but a government is not capable, do not have the ability to solve problems and countermeasures, excuse me, in addition to zhuangshui, what better way? To be honest, the DPP factions are crazy to grab resources?相关的主题文章: