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Business If I were asked to .e up with a list of the top 5 most important .b binding machines ever made, the Tamerica 210PB .b binder from ABCOffice.. would be at the top of that list. This .b binding machine is a time tested classic that has been used in schools, businesses and churches around the country for over a decade. There are a lot of reasons for this. First off, the 210PB features a durable metal chassis. This allows the 210PB to be used a lot without wearing out quickly. Much of the casing, gears and handle are made out of cast metal .ponents. This build construction allows the 210PB to hold up for years with proper use. This .b binding machine also features hollow ground dies. This is a huge advantage when .pared to solid punching pins. Hollow dies require less surface area to punch a hole, which means less effort on your part. These hollow punching pins are tough. Tamerica is so confident in these punching pins that they feature a manufacturer backed 2-year warranty. Punching pins are powered by a long handle, which is long enough to punch a lot of paper without putting strain on the user. It can punch up to about 20 sheets of standard copy paper. You can also use this machine to punch cover stock, clear covers, report covers, poly covers and more. Just be aware that sheet punching capacity diminishes with thicker paper. One of the most prominent and popular features of this machine is the disengageable punching pins, sometimes referred to as selectable punching dies. This feature allows the operator to activate or deactivate a punched hole, which is designed to eliminate half-punched holes. While this feature isnt a must-have for letter-size paper, it is really nice to have when binding smaller or custom sizes of paper. All 21 of the punching pins can be disengaged. The Tamerica 210PB also features a side margin guide, which makes it easy to center and align holes. It also features a margin depth selector, which allows you to determine how deep into the paper the holes are punched. This is ideal for binding thin books all the way up to 2" thick books. Using the 210PB is extremely easy. While the speed at which you can bind a book will ultimately depend on operator experience and book thickness, most people can bind a " thick book on this machine in under 2 minutes. The binding process on the 210 .b binder is extremely simple. Punch the paper, place a .b on the opener, open the .b, slide the .b fingers through the punched holes and close the paper. ABCOffice.. is a great place to go when shopping for a binding machine. You can find the Tamerica 210PB .b binding machine here and ABCOffice..s entire selection of .b binding machines here . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: