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Software Is the Internet connection on your PC slow? Are you worried about the dropped connection that is taking your productivity for a ride? Are your frequently visited websites also refusing to load up? Before you scratch your head and fume with anger, heres something that could help you calm down. Well, most sluggish internet issues grow out of lack of maintaining the connection and this surely results in offering you a terrible experience. While you can sit down and manually optimize the connection, as a smarter and handier resolution, all you can do is install an advanced tool that can help you optimize your deployed Internet connection. Yes, its that simple. And the simpler thing is now you can install TechGenie in just a few clicks and start using the tools promptly! For the uninitiated, TechGenie is a house of PC optimization and security suites that have been powered by iYogi. To keep your PC and web sessions fast, secure and optimized, TechGenie has been set with different tools to help you achieve these and much more. Internet Optimization is just one handy tool out of the many that are on offer and waits to enhance your Internet sessions in just a jiffy. To be able to use this tool, you will need to install the TechGenie PC Optimizer suite equipped with a variation of two versions, the free and the Pro version of the same. If you have limited PC optimization needs, you could start off by installing the freeware. However, if you require better features and wide ranging tools to optimize your PC and Internet sessions, you could opt to install the professional edition of the same. While the freeware is set with limited tools, they are nonetheless robust and practical. The Internet Optimization tool is available with both versions of TechGenie PC Optimizer and once you have downloaded and installed the suite, all you need to do is scan your PC using this tool. And before you know it; your Internet experience will be.e faster, more reliable and consistent as well. In a nutshell, here are a few salient features of the TechGenie PC Optimizers Internet Optimization tool: The Internet Optimization tool is the best option to boost the performance of your web sessions, on your Windows-based PC, irrespective of the type of connection you have DSL, wireless, dial-up and so on Once you scan your PC using this tool, the advanced scanning methods will not only look for the reasons that are causing the slowdown but will also suggest you fixes to get rid of them. Once you choose the appropriate fix, TechGenie will look for similar errors and apply the correct fixes to help you resolve the slow Internet issue for you. To enable you to enjoy a snappy web experience, it will speed up the connection. This will help you open up multiple tabs or windows, view multimedia-rich websites, and even open up more than one application at a time. To enable even the beginners to use this tool .fortably, the user interface of TechGenie has been designed in the simplest way. The easy to follow prompts make it a cakewalk for users to initiate a scan, refer to the scanned results, set up auto scans and even detect and resolve an issue independently. So, if you have to boost the speed of your Inter. connection now, do not waste time. Rather, install TechGenie Free PC Optimizer or TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro and instantly get rid of the slow inter. connection issues in a jiffy About the Author: 相关的主题文章: