Thanks to the Beijing municipal government let me do the driver’s qualification drops 9c8996

Thanks to the Beijing municipal government let me do the driver’s qualification drops seven day holiday, I did not expect Beijing and Shanghai government hold such a big move. Leave after the first day of work, they also announced the regulations about the car network draft: the future must be the city residence of the person driving the city car license, to the Internet about the platform to provide services for passengers. See this message, the first time I give the child his mother, said: wife, we are not afraid of unemployment, unemployment can go when the driver drops, and now Beijing drops, excellent step driver about 70% to leave Beijing. And then to my friend Yang Haichao made a WeChat: do you feel the benefits of Beijing account? Otherwise you are not qualified as a driver. The lady for membership, he would have the residence to Beijing qualifications, but not willing to give up the Shaanxi identity card. Finally, in the application of his wife’s persuasion, recently won the Beijing account. Of course, this is a bitter joke. I know that, if the network about cars must be Beijing Beijing brand, is not only the interests of nationals of non Beijing net about car drivers, as well as the valuation of billions, the boss follow leaders to prove that Chinese is fertile ground for entrepreneurship drops, and the resident people in Beijing — both Beijing and non beijing. We just have to bid farewell to the uncle’s temper Beijing taxi filthy, taxi driver, was about to eat two bitter crop, two times by the crime. It can be expected that when the traditional taxi company is gradually phased out, the provisions of this metamorphosis once implemented, a large number of non nationals of the network about the car driver to evacuate, those with a Beijing Hukou taxi driver is likely to fill the vacancy, become a net about car drivers. Then Beijing will appear similar to the monopoly of the taxi company, the passengers will suffer high quality services. Why is Beijing’s taxi service so bad? An important reason is that the taxi driver is Beijing, so early is the downtown Beijing uncle grew up as a driver, a few days without a bath, a taxi stinking, but they also regressed donghonghong the passengers when the lower, short distance, money, work, or at such a long face to passengers taxi driver income dropped late; Miyun, Pinggu, the suburb of large number of drivers entering the rental industry. But in any case, Beijing taxi driver of this business is not non Beijing hukou open. Once I really can not stand a taxi driver’s awesome attitude, he said: if the Beijing schools in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, allowing foreigners to stem a taxi driver in Hunan, Henan those hard-working drivers came in, you might lose their jobs. What do you think of the Beijing uncle? "That’s where it can be! Outsiders do not live back home, we can not live where to go? If we really allow foreign drivers to grab our jobs, we can only go to the square." – conversations reveal the Imperial root of confidence. I really did not expect, is already in 2016, China’s accession to the WTO how many years? Beijing and Shanghai, the two largest city is ready to introduce such a requirement, simply and fair, open to the contrary. A non nationals who can buy houses in Beijing, Beijing could become a listed company CEO, a media expert can do editor or a university in Beijing)相关的主题文章: