The 17 year old son of the father of severing the shelter or other drug was sentenced to alarm sugus

17 year old son, shelter or other drug father was sentenced to 17 year old son alarm severing the son of drugs, drug and shelter or friends, for the sake of the children, the father reluctantly alarm. Recently, the Wenzhou Cangnan Court concluded a shelter or other drug case, the defendant Hu was sentenced to detention for four months, and fined 1000 yuan. By chance, Hu father at home found drug tools, suspected heart, repeatedly asked, Hu has denied. One day in May this year, the father found his son Hu Hu even with friends at home by homemade curling methamphetamine. Tangled, heartache, desperation, the father chose to report to the police. He hoped that his son can pass this lesson, completely quit addiction, and cut off the poison friends. The investigation, in mid May 2016, the defendant Hu has three rooms in the home stay Hu B content, use of drugs with homemade curling iron absorption way. In the trial, the defendant Humou confessed to the charges, regret for his crime, that will turn over a good transformation, strive for an early return to society. The gallery of the Hu parents, looking in the dock on the son of remorse: "doing business in the long-term, the neglect of children, and to attend school life, let it take home, friends, go on the road of crime, hoping to take the transformation……"相关的主题文章: