The Arab League players wish Zhu Fangyu he will be playing more mature calm-cibi

Stars bless Las Zhu Fangyu: he is more mature will played calmly during the Olympic Games, the first time that a return of Cameron? Anthony, Kevin? Durant and little Jordan and other NBA players, to Las a warm welcome. Anthony asked, "is it after the game?" Because Yi Jianlian scored 25 points in the game, so that the defensive side of the U.S. team a little headache. Durant and Yi Jianlian both entered NBA in 2007. As a student, Durant said: "easy, welcome back, really long time no see." While Jordan’s Lakers clippers rivals, he said, "easy, our next season played 4 games, field." Jeremy Lin, who is an outstanding representative of Chinese players, sent a micro-blog directly: "welcome back to NBA! We’ve been missing each other haha! # Lakers # former nets player." This is really interesting, since he previously played for the nets, and the new season Jeremy Lin joined the nets; and the Arab Israeli alliance to join the Lakers, Jeremy Lin had also played for the Lakers in 1 years. In the country, "cooked people" are also full of emotion to bless the Arab league. China basketball captain Luwen drying out a joint photo with her, "you are the pride of China basketball, refueling!" Yi Hongyuan in the old comrade Zhu Fangyu also deeply bless him: "a much more mature than in the past, he would be very calm. Bless the Arab league."相关的主题文章: