The beauty of Chinese civilization true man is to teach you how to make Sohu Entertainment didadi

"The beauty of Chinese civilization" "true man" is to teach you how to make Sohu   entertainment; "the civilization of the United States" Sohu entertainment character is the soul of a man, is the embodiment of the characteristics of a man. The recent hit variety "real man 2" became popular, it is a very good interpretation of the character and spirit of a real man. This week, Hunan satellite TV, "the beauty of Chinese civilization," especially the "men’s character" series, for you to elaborate on a good man needs to have the core elements! That man, the first thought is the loyalty. Loyalty, is the right of integrity, integrity, justice is "qi". All people’s behavior should be based on morality. By virtue of righteousness, and righteousness as disgrace. Confucius said: "the unrighteous rich and expensive, to me as a cloud." Profit after the first, with the important thought of justice is an important character of Confucianism, is also a good man. A real man is not in his appearance, nor in his wealth, wisdom is the premise of a good man. Mencius cloud: "sense of right and wrong, end of wisdom." The "right and wrong" refers to the good and evil, and the "wisdom" is the ability to distinguish between good and evil. It is possible to live with wisdom, but wisdom must be acquired. October 31st (Monday) at 19:30, "the civilization of the United States" will give you ten of the most Jiebang wisdom of ancient celebrities, and see how the ancients wisdom dharma. Whether a man is a man or a outstanding figures, is a very important factor in the "yong". But a real warrior is not only a cavity blood of pretty fight, Su Shi wrote: "the ancient so-called hero, will have great day, human has not ninja." The world is brave, unruffled, must be unmoved either by gain or loss of generation. November 1st (Tuesday) evening 19:30, "the beauty of Chinese civilization" invites you to watch the real warrior! "A modest, self-disciplined gentleman, wenrunruyu." Modesty is the crown of the Chinese nation. In the broad and profound Chinese characters culture, the most eye-catching is modest, it is a direct manifestation of the humble character, correctly grasp and use the modest words and polite expressions, is indispensable in interpersonal communication quality. November 2nd (Wednesday) at 19:30, "the civilization of the United States" will be in the form of RAP, share with you in Chinese civilization Qianci honorifics. Thrift is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation, is a kind of integrity, a character, but also a kind of accomplishment, a virtue. Sima Guang said: "Jian Li Ming, with extravagant self defeating." Thrift, not stingy, but a plan, an attitude. Behind every successful man, there is a thrift. November 3rd (Thursday) at 19:30, "the civilization of the United States" story about the Song Dynasty will be Mr. Su Dongpo for your frugal model. To become a real man, loyalty, wisdom, courage, humility, frugality, these five elements are indispensable. Seemingly simple, but it is difficult to put into practice. This week, "the beauty of Chinese civilization" will be combined with the example of ancient outstanding men for your interpretation of "man’s character", please look forward to!相关的主题文章: