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Health While there are many factors that can contribute to back pain, one of the most .mon problems is poor posture. Some people get into the habit of sitting or standing improperly, and over time this contributes to pain in their backs. Understanding the causes of back pain will allow you to avoid it, and will lead to a healthier and more active lifestyle. When someone first begins feeling pain in their back, they can easily correct it by improving their posture. However, if you don’t correct your posture your joints will eventually begin to wear out over time. Studies have shown that in the long term, the ageing of joints in your back can be just as extreme as the effects of suffering a back injury. People who continue to have poor posture will eventually feel the effects of ageing. Their poor joints will force them to stoop over, and their mobility will be greatly decreased. With the rising costs of healthcare, it will be expensive to correct such problems, if it is even possible to correct them at all. Is it not better to correct your posture while you still have the chance? The vast majority of the deformities seen in the elderly are a result of poor posture. Often, other parts of the body are affected such as the lungs, which will not be able to get a proper amount of oxygen due to the upper body being bent over. This may also eventually cause problems with your stomach and other organs. While many people consider weak back joints to be just a normal part of ageing, by taking a few simple steps everyday people can avoid back problems in the long term. By standing up at least once a day and bending backward, people can avoid back pain. Doing this simple routine on a daily basis can keep your from being impaired when you get older. Walking or running can help people to relieve pain in their lower backs. Because most people drive or work in an office, they have less time for running or walking. Exercising is an important part of keeping both your back and the rest of your body healthy. Back pain is something that millions of people suffer from, and there is not reason for them to continue. By exercising and sitting correctly, many of these problems can be avoided. Getting treatment for the problem once it has be.e out of control will be costly. It is much less expensive to just practice good posture and exercise on a regular basis. Sitting improperly is one of the leading causes for back pain. Once you begin having problems in your lower back, sitting improperly will exacerbate the problem. It is also important to stand up and lay down properly also. You may find that you suffer pain in your lower back only at certain times, such as when you sleep or stand for extended periods of time. If this is the case, it can be easily corrected by practicing good posture. 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