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Medium sized car of the joint venture the cheapest to teach you how to "do" vehicle     a car for earners need is not a function of a dazzling, showy car, but can really meet the needs of the people and the higher price of the car. So what is the most cost-effective? Which car is the most suitable? A cat car network for the regional market demand for cars, the introduction of 100 thousand cost-effective car.       mentioned modern name customized version, without mentioning a cat car network, this is a "new car sales" as the starting point to solve the "eco car business, what car to buy, what price to buy for users to buy" 3 big scene in the pain points where provide "help, help the car to buy a car, buy special offer" service. Modern name is a customized version of it launched one of the cheapest and medium-sized car of the joint venture. What exactly is this car? To feel a sense of.       high performance 100 thousand vehicle quality: the product must be better, consumers will vote with their feet       see a person we first saw is his appearance, see a car so. From the appearance point of view, modern name uses a customized version of chrome grille design of the large area, the overall shape of the calm atmosphere, high color value.       look at configuration. It can be said that the use of the word "perfect" to describe the modern name customized version of the configuration is not an exaggeration, because both the powertrain, interior or some other features, it shows its perfection.       "we try to make the car to reach the perfect state," the person in charge of a cat car network said, "it is equipped with 1.8 DO HC 16V engine, maximum power up to 94.9KW power, certainly not so strong to let the user down. In addition, it also uses the independent suspension design, equipped with a double wishbone front suspension and multi link rear suspension. You know, this car auto-1mo network gives a price of electricity is only 83 thousand and 800, can be said to be the cheapest and medium-sized car of the joint venture, so the price and the configuration, to see our sincerity."       the car’s quality is not only reflected in the configuration, in comfort and safety, even with the big car compared to modern name customized version was opened. 2700mm wheelbase brings greater car space, allowing consumers to experience a more comfortable driving experience.       safety, seven reinforced high rigid body, side impact beam, front and rear fog lamps and high brake lights, front and rear disc brake system, ABS+EBD brake assist system of five functions, like the big five to ensure the safety of users.       to improve the quality of products in the hardware configuration and competitors to open the gap, cost-effective class, these are modern.相关的主题文章: