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Arts-and-Entertainment Recently went to the European Football Association head of the vide, the implementation of soccer youth studying abroad program. Hard matter, Weige! I wish travel thousands of miles in exchange for Chinese football Mileage. Football and brightest young people to the world football "romantic way" to poetry, learn drill, although he is a old, can be considered a way out. In fact, the young people of such "raw material" to send out, processing is a pattern; to coach this "equipment" shipped out of upgrading, but also a model. Send out the raw materials processing, production capacity can only be equal to or less than the amount sent. After returning to the demonstration effect is small so fast. Once a few have good equipment, you can continue to produce good products. Therefore, in the retired players, sports schools among students and other young people wishing to coach seedling selection, to the football developed countries to "upgrade" to gradually improve school football, football schools, professional soccer club "level of production equipment", should also be vide into the head of the blueprint is. Now, the general attention of professional clubs to introduce more advanced "production equipment", but the foreign teachers often encounter suited to China’s "soft environment", the one on the language issue, is enough to let foreign teachers are the "capacity" and "product quality "greatly reduced; and for the club to operate with" foreign device "approach is not a good master. The teacher’s high cost, high risk, after all, is an adjunct. Improve the Super League club coach, "localization" rate things, that Chinese football schedule as soon as possible, is the best policy. More urgent is the number of Chinese youth football coach and the "production levels", are not adapt to the needs of the development of Chinese football. Production of "semi" device can not, "semi" certainly do not increase the quality, "finished" quality will be locked up. China football coach and players need to "please come in" and "go." In the "going out" on the issue, the coach first, the more necessary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: