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The Democratic Party of Japan will compromise on the proposal of the merger with the reform party Sohu news 19 February, according to Japanese media reports, the Democratic Party of Japan and the reform party are engaged in the merger negotiations. The two parties said 18 stakeholders, the DPJ in the negotiations to retain the party, the reform party absorption merger, and puts forward a compromise with Democrats once again joined the party after resigning from the. In addition, the Democratic Party of Japan also expressed its willingness to change the party name to the reform party. Democratic Party leader Katsuyaokada and reform party leader Matsuno Yoriku to conclude this month and to speed up the negotiations. However, the members of the original party of the Reform Party demanded the dissolution of the Democratic Party and had a strong resistance to accepting compromise. Uncertainty in the final phase of negotiations. In 1998, the dissolution of "new absorption love" and other 3 opposition party, the New Democratic Party to be established. The Democratic compromise is a reference to this precedent. When the Democrats had left the party, staged a "4 Party merged to form a new party" scene. On changing the name of the party, Okada Mumatsuno said "flexible handling"". Okada rejected the demands of the reform party for the dissolution of the Democratic Party, and considered creating a refreshing image by changing the party name. In the merger way, according to Japanese law, 5 senators reform party will not be able to directly join the party. In order to solve this problem, this is in the research program, 4 senators will usher in the election in the summer in the Senate election before the election to resign from his post or to non party members, as the new party officially nominated candidate in the election. The people of the party from the reform party leader Jiangtian Kenji before the 18 day in Japan in Congress and Matsuno talks. Tian said that as long as the Democratic Party put forward more fundamental solution, it should make a decision without "requirement in the late 24, the conclusion.

日本民主党就与维新党合并提出方案 将作出妥协-搜狐新闻  中新网2月19日电 据日媒报道,日本民主党与维新党正在进行合并谈判。两党相关人士18日透露,民主党在谈判中坚持以保留本党、吸收维新党的方式实现合并,同时提出了合并时民主党议员一度全体退党后再入党的妥协方案。   此外,日本民主党还向维新党表示愿意更改党名。民主党党首冈田克也与维新党党首松野赖久有意为本月内得出结论而加速谈判。但是,维新党内原众人之党出身的议员要求民主党解散,对接受妥协方案有着强烈抵触情绪。最后阶段谈判的不确定性增强。   1998年,在吸收了解散的“新党友爱”等3个在野党后,新民主党得以成立。民主党的妥协方案参考了这一先例。当时民主党议员也一度退党,上演了4党合并“组成新党”的一幕。   关于更改党名,冈田向松野表示“将灵活处理”。冈田拒绝维新党提出的解散民主党的要求,考虑通过更改党名营造令人耳目一新的形象。   在吸收合并的方式下,按照日本法律,维新党的5名参议员将无法直接加入新党。为解决这一问题,正在研究中的方案提出,将在夏季参院选举中迎来改选的4名参议员于选举前辞去议员职务或改为无党派议员,作为新党正式提名的候选人参加选举。   原众人之党出身的维新党前党首江田宪司18日在日本国会内与松野进行了会谈。江田表示“只要民主党不提出更加根本性的方案,就应该做出不合并的决断”,要求最晚在24日得出结论。相关的主题文章: