The double chromosphere 2016113 forecast odd matter appeared – leading

The double chromosphere 2016113 forecast: leading Sohu – odd matter appeared Shuangseqiu 2016 112nd lottery results 061214151825 + 12, even 1415 straight, with the tail number phenomenon out of 1525, adjusted to 2:0:4 ratio in complex vibration. Analysis of the double chromosphere 2016113 period forecast: recently five period leading code out of the 02-09-05-02-06, 0, 2 road leading from parity, dominant, quality point of view, I have the upper hand, qualitative numerical phase 2016113, next to see curiosity, leading back matter appeared. 2016109-2016111 Phoenix continued in the 3 prefix interval setting number 112 to dump 2 word interval values as low as 25, the number of amplitude as high as 7 points, combined with the number of observed trajectories of the 30 period, the 3 signs of a rapid rebound in the head tail. 2016112 red three partition ratio of open 1:4:1, two award number rises sharply. The analysis of 2016113 red three Division: 112 red division award, cooling, only adjacent to the number 06 debut, recent one district adjacent code is a common phenomenon, the next neighbor may suspend the code number, the focus should be on 01-04 interval small numerical open; 2016112 phase two partition number of open, open numerical 12141518, No. 1415 and 111 identical numerical, the next 113 period award number and two district cooling, 2 prefix number covering 2016112 red signals; only three partition open prize number 25, the value on the omission is only 5, the next three partition number should be considered warm and hot number the performance of. 2016112 out of 12 basketball, the amplitude rose to 8 points, combined with the analysis of the amplitude of the multi period basketball track, 2016113 basketball amplitude lower signals, the LORD opened in the first and the second interval. (divide: amplitude four area 0-3 for the first interval, 4-7 interval, 8-11 interval was third second, fourth 12-15 interval) red basketball forecast 8+2 number: 03,04,10,16,19,21,26,30 + 11,15 + 6+1:03,04,19,21,26,30 11相关的主题文章: