The earth four seasons exposure Promo five tunes end cited expectations

The earth "four seasons" Promo five: end of lead exposure expect Sina entertainment news by French national documentary director, master Jacques Perrin and Jacques g Beiluzun co directed the world’s top film "the seasons on earth", was released today by Jacques Perrin, director of "the day, people, sea and space" episode five promo. Promo chronologically combed Jacques Perrin’s natural series, you can get a glimpse of the shooting angle more delicate atmosphere, showing the theme is more profound and natural wonders, Duorenyanqiu also set people thinking can make people look forward to more, "the four seasons" earth five steps for the end. The natural course of life focus on a comprehensive interpretation of Jacques thought the director Behan begins filming in nature before the movie, the story has made remarkable achievements, has won the French Kaiser award, and Oscar Award nominations, is the peak of his career to the natural film creation. Since last 80s began the world concerned about the nature of him, after several decades has been closely watched in this field, and launched a day, and the sea of people, and the natural space "series five episode. It tells the story of heaven and earth "micro world", man and nature of the "Himalaya" blood contact, fly the glory and the dream of "migratory birds", show luxuriant underwater wonders of the "ocean" is popular around the world. One after another beautiful ecological Symphony contains harmonious beauty at the same time, also precipitated philosophical reflection on the relationship between man and nature of the director, empathy with sharp pain hit the soul. The earth is the "four seasons" time to coordinate twenty thousand years ago very early that animal and human beings, the universe has its own body perception, to have their own ethnic groups, tusihubei solidarity and sense of community, there is heaven and earth as creatures of the dignity of life. Trailer finally, "the seasons on earth" clip trailers shock on the line, in the director’s magnificent inclusive daring blessing, as if the end of the will stimulate people to pay high attention to the fate of earth and the profound reflection on their own behavior. The five part finale shock struck miss Jacques There was no parallel in history. Perrin technology to its continuous innovation, with all manner of mind, showing the ecological natural breath fluctuation to the audience stereo. "Four seasons" is the "end of the earth nature series of five episodes, is the epitome of, not only inherits advantages before, also try to transform the perspective of the development of human civilization from the perspective of animal, disruptive paradigm change is find everything fresh and new. In addition, the film also used the original "mountain round" the traffic tools, because it is there, the camera was able to run with the animal with a racing together bridle to bridle, and close contact with the animal, the director on the comprehension of this miracle of life is also up to a higher level, the "the seasons on earth" will show more rich connotation and can be used for mining thinking space. The film will be natural knowledge and artistic beauty not only let the audience a taste of All blend into one harmonious whole., smart casual nature, also inspired the audience try to understand and respect other life forms. It is understood that the "four seasons of the earth" has been completed, will be.相关的主题文章: