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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Imagine your walking through the house with frost bitten feet, going from room to room hoping to find a source of heat to take away the bitter unforgiving winter cold. Suddenly, there in the distance a beam of light as you spot your Eden Pure heater. Quickly, you hit the button and that quartz coiled system starts to melt the ice off your body and you turn toasty warm thanks to your edenpure space heater. As good as the Eden Pures revolutionary design is at keeping you warm on a cold winters night, theres more. Eden pure heaters also have a built in filtration system to not only keep the air warm, but keep it clean as well. But what makes Eden Pure different from every other space heater on the market? A lot of other space heaters cause fires due to the design of the heating system. Lots of other space heaters use an inner flame to heat the air. As the heater warms the air it too reaches a very hot temperature. This means with prolonged use it can cause fires to break out in your home as well as reaching extreme temperatures putting your family at risk of serious burns or worse. Traditional heating elements also let poisonous gas, that can be odorless and virtually undetectable, leak into your home and contaminate the air you breath. Using a flame also lets of small traces of carcinogens and lets out carbon monoxide a deadly gas released by fie that has proven to be fatal if breathed over a long period of time. The Eden Pure heaters system doesnt, and it has a built in HEPA filter to help clean the air around you as it works. Eden Pure heaters are built with a unique quartz heating system which makes it safer with less chance of fire starting in your home. You can leave it on all night without worries. Thanks to the quartz coil design, Eden Pure heaters are not hot to the touch and do not carry the risk of catching objects in close quarters on fires. Whether its a blanket that fell off the bed or a pile of magazines on the floor theyre both safe from harm thanks to Eden Pure. Another great benefit of the Eden Pure heaters is that it has a built in HEPA filter within the system to help catch nasty airborne toxins so you dont breath them in. The result is a warm house filled with clean, allergen free air thats both .forting and healthy for your family. There are two types of heaters of in the Eden Pure line. The first type of heater uses convection heating to heat the air in the room. Convection heaters are great for heating large areas such as living rooms and dens and often times one heater is enough to warm an entire house. The other heat source is radiant heat. A radiant heater heats up what is directly in front of it. This allows the owner to control the temperature in smaller areas, think of radiant heat like sitting in front of a crackling fire, you get nice and toasty but the champagne on ice in the corner of the room isnt instantly melted by the heat. With Eden pure heaters , even radiant heat models are considerably safer than the leading flame heater. Eden pure heaters have a great reputation for being on of the best space heaters to own and have gotten glowing re.mendations from people like Bob Villa who said the edenpure heater really can save you money on your home heating bill. Now thats an endorsement from a pro on how to keep your home warm and your checkbook happy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: