The fans in her concert at the Ella live Hebe or angry (video) stand by me shinee

The fans in her concert at the Ella live Hebe or angry: according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on September 25th, the Asian women’s day members of the "S.H.E" Hebe Tian (Hebe), the solo is not dissolved mode for many years, last year for the film to sing the theme song "lucky" online access to break the million this year taking advantage of the chase after 3 years to launch a new album "daily". The day before the tour was held for her, said her fans in concert with members of Ella Chen watch live videos (Ella), which has stepped on the gas out of her bottom line, in addition to the detonation behavior fans "white eyes" (white eye: describe a confused situation), at the end of the paper, please review if no improvement, "do not come to my concert!" The day before Hebe Tian is holding "if the world tour concert PLUS 2 edition", yesterday (24 days) to Guangzhou, after the end of the concert was suddenly moved in micro-blog issued a document, said every time he saw fans during a show out of mobile phone video camera, "turning a blind eye", as with all kinds of reasons to comfort and convince myself to accept this situation, said he did not want to say is this phenomenon, fear swept fans interest, also blame unexpectedly so show mood, think that she is not professional or lack of accomplishment. But a fan of the document directly detonated her forbear for a long time voice, said Hebe Tian S.H.E in the 15 years of love over gold, never because who is more popular, some love a little jealous, but the fans in her concert at the Ella live "really stepped on me the bottom line", denounced this behavior does not respect her, all the staff, and want to see the concert seat next to the interests of the people ", called on the fans at the end of this paper to review the improvement," or just do not come to my concert! Thank you." Quite domineering. Then the fans have issued a document to delete, but Hebe Tian a speech still on the Internet caused heated debate, many people think that should respect every performer, should not be other things that affect the quality, but also some people said Hebe Tian publicly named fans was inappropriate, such behavior with respect to spread in the two sides Messire trial, evaluation continuous network. Hebe Tian personally urged fans to broadcast in the dangerous behavior of Tencent micro-blog Shanghai show gossip to sweep me ~ reply "gossip", "entertainment": get the latest entertainment gossip reply "performance", "tickets": to understand the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning, Shanghai WeChat, more free show waiting for you to collect tickets相关的主题文章: