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The fifth Shenyang Faku flight international conference features to create navigation feast – Beijing aerobatics assembly is the highlight of Shen Dian Cheng photo Beijing, August 26 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Shen Diancheng) fifth Shenyang Faku flight international conference and the 2016 Chinese Shenyang International Aviation Expo opened in Shenyang, the general aviation industry base — Faku fiscal Lake Airport on the afternoon of 26. Aerobatic performance is the highlight of the conference. After the event, Australia, Australia, New Zealand silver Mustang Thor, and other famous international aerobatic team, to show the formation aerobatics performances, fantastic stunt double single to the audience. Powered parachute, Parachute Team magnificent performance equally eye-catching. 12 aircraft powered parachute demonstration team to fly into the form of fleet formation audience, or the Thunderbirds, or the word team, or the dragons. Parachute Team and fireworks in the sky, the long ribbon gives people the enjoyment of beauty. In addition, Shenyang general aviation industry base in the field of enterprise also set up formation flight performance, show the strength of Faku shipping. Static display, there are various types of domestic and foreign light aircraft, helicopters, water, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and other 50 general-purpose aircraft, with an area of nearly 100 thousand square meters. The opening day, rich and colorful theme activities also staged: Chinese martial arts competition and Tai Chi performances, a parody of big coffee will meet and show, "crane town fairy tale" romantic air wedding, magic and acrobatics, motorcycle racing and aviation carnival, attracting the audience of more than 10 people. The flight with the audience experience, French Eurocopter EC130 seven helicopters, Italy Tektronix South 2006T double four fixed wing aircraft, six aircraft and 103 Russian don’t more than 10 kinds of domestic and foreign well-known models for the audience to choose. The fifth session of the Shenyang general assembly to "Faku international flight navigation +" and "Pan navigation" and other advanced development concept as a guide to the concept of multidimensional performance to show, the audience loved a number of themed activities as the core, build a set of navigation feast ornamental, professional and public property as one of the characteristics of highlights and innovation development. Previously, Shenyang Faku flight international conference in fiscal Lake Airport has been successfully held four sessions, the successive sessions of the general assembly have been recognized and highly praised by people outside the industry, "the south is Zhuhai airshow, North Shenyang Faku flight international conference" brand pattern has been formed. The General Assembly will be sponsored by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the Shenyang Municipal People’s government for 3 days. (end)相关的主题文章: