The first batch of tens of thousands of migratory winter birds arrived in Beijing wild duck lake vstart

The first batch of tens of thousands of migratory winter birds to the wild duck lake – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Ye Xiaoyan correspondent Liu Yang Yan Juan) after the beginning of winter, marking the formal entry into the winter, while in Yanqing the Wild Duck Lake Wetland Nature Reserve, the first batch of 70 kinds of migration is up to more than just winter birds, but let it become the vitality. Fang Chun introduced the Wild Duck Lake Wetland Nature Reserve monitoring personnel, this year’s winter migratory time slightly compared with the previous 10 days earlier, species relative to the previous difference. Last year, the newly discovered nosed Swan has been monitored for 7 people this year, including a total of 2 adult female swans and a total of 5 adult. The crane monitoring to group more than and 300 only once, only more than 1 thousand of the overall number of bean group, compared with the previous year increased slightly. As of now, in protected areas have been monitored by crane, swan, Little Swan, mute swan, black Headed Gull, gull, gull, Gadwall, smew, geese, mallard, teal, goldeneye, Red duck, goosander, long tailed ducks and other 70 kinds of birds on the 000. According to reports, the February and March year at the beginning of November each year, Yanqing Wild Duck Lake Wetland Nature Reserve will have a large number of winter birds in winter. This year is expected to peak migration will occur in mid November, may reach hundreds, the number of up to more than 30 thousand. These winter birds will stay in the wild duck lake about two months time, the rest added strength, and then continue to migrate. Reserve that bird lovers, don’t wear colorful clothing bird, don’t be scared and don’t hurt the birds, collecting eggs, to capture wild birds. J224相关的主题文章: