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The H Hotel woman attack prosecutor: "drag" is incident involved alleged crime of introducing prostitution prosecutors recommended sentencing 1 to 3 years yesterday morning, attention to the "H Hotel attack woman" the man suspected Moumou prostitution case in Chaoyang Court, due to the personal privacy, so the case is not a public hearing. Reporters learned that the trial Lee admitted to a small card trick prostitute prostitution industry, mistakenly believes that the woman in the video is to grab the business of prostitutes to drag events. The case is not in court for sentencing. When the tenant prostitutes mistakenly afraid to grab business takes placeis according to Chaoyang procuratorate prosecutor Liu Yeqing (micro-blog) said that the court for summary trial of the case, Lee pleaded guilty in court, prosecutors recommended sentencing of 1 to 3 years. The prosecutor said, through the identification of the fact that Lee is a specialized in the hotel around the small card trick prostitute, introduce others to prostitution for the industry of social workers. A trick prostitute demand if tenants call small card on the phone, Lee will introduce their own understanding of the prostitution of women to prostitution, then takes a commission from piaozi. The public prosecutor explained, Moumou small card trick prostitute for the industry, competition will have counterparts, so Lee often through some means such as rub card into the hotel, so Lee also has a "competition" in the sense of exclusion of others. In the event of drag and drop on the same day, the woman in the video to find the room card into the room in the process, Lee mistakenly believe that the woman is a prostitute, thought that the woman and he, is the card into the hotel. According to Moumou confessed that he was seen in the room to find the victim of the room card, he stepped forward to ask what the woman called, what to do, the girl a nervous fear, it can not find the room card. In this case, Lee is more convinced that this is not a tenant, followed by a drag and drop behavior. Is an accident, but to strengthen the prevention of public prosecutors said that the public’s concern about the drag event itself is worth understanding. In this case, the introduction of prostitution is the real behavior of the law and the fact that Lee is the bottom line of the law, Lee’s video of the woman’s drag and drop behavior for the whole community, not a normal but sporadic events. On the one hand, we do not need to be too nervous because of this incident, on the other hand, we should also enhance their awareness of security. The industry and Commerce and other departments have the responsibility of administrative inspection, should also strengthen the supervision and management of the hotel industry, to ensure the safety of the hotel environment." Why does not constitute intentional injury and disturb the crime? You can see in the video online exposure, Moumou to drag the woman’s brutal behavior, this behavior is most likely to make people doubt, why not constitute the crime of intentional injury and disturb the crime? The public prosecutor explained that our country is a legal society, the criminal law is a basic principle of legality, which is based on China’s current criminal law on the crime of intentional injury and affraycrime regulations, review the documented evidence materials, first, can not prove Moumou has hurt the woman deliberately or it is premeditated, the criminal theory of liability must be intentional. Again, the existing evidence can not prove that the woman constitutes a criminal law in the sense of the consequences of minor injuries, and China’s criminal law, the reason for the相关的主题文章: