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The hacker accused Russia and then step by step number of beauty campaign Beijing – a verbal statement without any proof of hysteria! Russia approved the campaign "hysteria" in the face of the United States government step by step "hackers" Russian officials accused 12 again on the speaker: disrupt the American election using hacking is not consistent with the interests of Russia, the United States has so far are accused of "a verbal statement without any proof". The Russian side reiterated to improve relations with the United States, but said the U.S. presidential election campaign is too "hysteria", all parties to achieve their purpose in the Russian attack. Russian President Vladimir (12), said the recent hacker storm does not meet the interests of Russia. He also stressed that the U.S. presidential election campaign by all parties in Russia for their own purposes. "They started hysterical, say this (hackers) in line with the interests of Russia, but this has nothing to do with Russia’s interests," Putin in Russia calls "the annual International Investment Forum said in a speech. "It’s hysterical to make Americans forget that public opinion is being manipulated," he said. "What’s really important is what’s inside, and what is the message." Putin stressed that Russia on the deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States are worried, but "this is not an option for us, Russia never pursued this point. He said Russia is willing to work with anyone who wins the presidential election in the United States, "if the new U.S. leaders are willing to cooperate with our country". He also said that he does not understand why Russia has become a major issue in the US presidential election campaign. "". The same day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov? CNN accepted the interview, once again stressed that the United States accused "ridiculous" and "a verbal statement without any proof". "This is to cater to this concern…… Now Americans are all in the manipulation of the U.S. presidential election debate said Russia, "he said," we have not seen even a fact, even an evidence that Russia is behind the attacks." When it comes to possible counter measures against Russia, Lavrov said: "if they decide what to do, let them do it. But it would be absurd to say that Russia is interfering in the domestic affairs of the United states." 7 this month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence office in a joint statement for the first time "criticism of the Russian government named", said it had authorized and help hacking U.S. network, intent to influence the presidential election this year. The White House spokesman Josh? Ernest said 11 days, the U.S. government will take a series of corresponding to the so-called Russian attack on Russian counter measures. [] election farce at the White House in 11 days that day, "WikiLeaks" network also revealed a number of Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s campaign chairman John?? some private email content on the. The message shows the Hilary camp how to manipulate the media, how to suppress opponents, Hilary being called "liar", again highlighting the hypocrisy of the U.S. presidential election. Hilary Jing相关的主题文章: