The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Hubei tourism revenue of over 5 billion yuan 10 tourism area is pay luonv

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Hubei tourism revenue of over 5 billion yuan 10 tourism area is paying off in 2016 during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, most of the Hubei weather, an invigorating autumn climate. Hubei Provincial Tourism Commission statistics show that in September 17th three days of the province received a total of tourists of 10 million 631 thousand and 400 passengers, total tourism revenue of $5 billion 27 million, is expected to receive tourists and tourism revenue grew by 12% and 13%. Since this year, Hubei province to the Yangtze River Tourism gold belt, Western Hubei folk tourism landscape corridor, Hanjiang corridor, East Hubei Guomai tourism quest red tourism corridor as the classic strategic development axis, to promote tourism development along the corridor, centralized upgrade build Wuhan commercial leisure resort, Shennongjia, Three Gorges International Ecological experience, Wudang Tai Chi · Xiangyang lake landscape health, culture and leisure, Qingjiang Ecological Folklore, Chu culture, Hongshan Jingzhou ecological leisure and Spa Xianning, Dabie Mountain Red 10 ecological tourism area, the supply side structural reform achievements tourism product structure, industrial structure, infrastructure, service quality, development and other aspects of integration. Relying on the characteristics of its tourism resources across the province, in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday launched a large number of rich cultural connotation, highlight the characteristics of the Mid Autumn Festival theme tourism products, such as the East Lake East Lake scenic area in Wuhan city to carry out the "moon boat line", the Happy Valley Moonlight "spoiled" tent phase pro, Xinzhou Ziwei garden city to carry out night activities, organized by the Yellow Crane Tower the Mid Autumn Festival will invite visitors to the "poetry recitation of poetry of the Mid Autumn Festival" held together, Mulan Tianchi Tianchi night of the Mid Autumn Festival will be · camping, Mulan launched a bonfire and open-air cinema in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday. The ancient city of Jingzhou, the southeast side of the Guan Gong Yiyuan, weighing about 1200 tons of bronze statue of Guan Gong, tall bow, all-powerful; Park "into the city" ceremony "Liu Bei Zhaoqing" "Guan world" won the three drama pilgrimage to visitors. To prepare for the Huangshi Garden Expo opened in September, to promote the construction of city park, the formation of creative development, catering and entertainment, flower trading function as one of the "ecological zone", to attract a large number of visitors during the mid autumn festival. Ezhou Jinxiu Wu Village, Qianxiu Valley Farm, farm and other farm catering Jiayuan full load operation, Qianxiu Valley occupancy rate of 100%, Jinxiu Wu also reached 90%. Statistics show that the province’s 26 key tourist attractions included in the tourism statistics of the total number of tourists received a total of 1 million 205 thousand and 600 passengers, total tourism revenue of $573 million. 10 5A level scenic spots are: Yellow Crane Tower accommodation was 38 thousand passengers, 187 thousand and 800 passengers in East Lake, Mulan Ecological Tourist District of Three Gorges Dam 136 thousand passengers, 17 thousand and 600 passengers, three people 35 thousand and 600 people, Changyang Qingjiang Wudang Mountains Gallery 26 thousand passengers, 54 thousand and 600 passengers, shennongxi 19 thousand and 700 people, the Grand Canyon of the Enshi 13 thousand and 800 people, 98 thousand and 100 people in Shennongjia. The characteristics of the tourism recommendation, the most abundant tourism activities, please attention [Chu tourism (i–tour)] public Tencent Chu network WeChat WeChat matrix: Hubei’s largest mobile terminal matrix system, comprehensive coverage of 17 cities in Hubei, covering news, real estate, Home Furnishing, health, time)相关的主题文章: