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The Millennium Temple rebuilt with Buddhist activities initiated copy text communication – Beijing Beijing "in October 7 Xuchang Xinhua (reporter door jiedan) October 7th, reporters from the Henan Millennium Temple Xuchang temple white rabbit was informed that for the spread of Buddhism, to guide the worshippers in classical learning, the temple for the first time after the reconstruction with the launch of copying Buddhist activities. White temple, located in the ancient capital of Xuchang, is a city with more than 1500 years of history of the ancient temple, built in the northern and southern dynasties. In the year 502, local residents hope to eliminate the plague, disaster relief and life extension built a special field and named pharmacists Buddhism, big king temple, later renamed the white temple. According to legend, the history of the temple were strong incense, with martial arts monks, the war of resistance against Japan, the destruction of the Sangha asylum officers when Anti Japanese guerrilla. 2013, the local began to repair and rebuild. Please release the extension pole 2015 mage abbot, gradually restored old style. For the Dharma, guide the good faith learning classic, Pei Zhifu reported that since the white temple restoration for the first time launched the ten party to make copy Buddhist activities. From the beginning of the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which lasted two months, until the end of the 9th day of the eleventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Copy the classic "the product", "Diamond Sutra", will be at the white temple and Xuchang plain Bodhi clubs two and copied by location. "The" Diamond Sutra "," Agama "," Diamond Sutra "," Lotus Sutra "," by pharmacists ", and" canon "," Vimalakirti Sutra "," Sukhavativyuha Sutra "pure sense of equality and so on many important Mahayana sutras, Buddhist scriptures, to express all writing read, spread, there is great merit, master Hong Yi also said there are ten major interest copied by." The extension pole master told reporters, but not copying sutras contemporary way of self-cultivation, and more Dharma work. Both merit and copied by Ford, should end body, heart, sincerity, in one breath feeling copied by the body and mind to bring peace. Copied by different calligraphy, each stroke is practice. The Buddhist text every phrase a gem is an important source of growth in wisdom, wisdom and soul purification. The extension pole mage, many ancient monks have to copy the practice as the convenient method. No meaning as far as possible. The more people participate in the social influence, scribe, its social merit is greater, everyone can share the benefits more. "We intend to start from the side of a small group of copying, gradually accumulated, and finally reached millions of people." The extension pole Master said, there are some good faith registration, because the National Day holiday has not yet ended, peak enrollment has not yet come, hope that the majority of worshippers rejoice in, with the dip method Hi, a total of Mu vaughn. (end)相关的主题文章: