The new Chernobyl shield will move is available for 100 years – the Sohu news

The new Chernobyl shield will move is available for 100 years – the Sohu news local time 14, engineering technical personnel in Ukraine Chernobyl started to move slowly a huge prefabricated door vault, hope to be able to use the cover and completely isolated 30 years ago there was a nuclear leak accident of Chernobyl nuclear power station. The shield is made of reinforced concrete, 275 meters wide, height of 108 meters, a total cost of $1 billion 600 million, or about RMB 11 billion yuan. Engineering and technical personnel 14 day started by the hydraulic device to move the huge monster, is scheduled to be in 5 days after moving in place. At present, the nuclear reactor leakage was occurred in a "sarcophagus". Scientists worry that if the "sarcophagus" within the reactor and then partially collapsed, nuclear material may again leak, so the huge prefabricated shield to take further measures. The protective cover in place, engineering and technical personnel will be safe removal of the "sarcophagus" within the nuclear reactor, but still put a large amount of radioactive material inside. The designers hope that the newly constructed shield will prevent further leakage of radioactive material over the next one hundred years. In April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power station unit 4 of the Soviet Union suddenly exploded, a large number of strong leakage of radioactive material. Then the Soviet Union with concrete and other materials will be the No. 4 reactor sealed to prevent further leakage of radioactive material, the protective structure is called "sarcophagus". The "sarcophagus" planned for 10 years, has been used for 30 years, at present, its surface has cracks.相关的主题文章: