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The new Thai King is named dandy dog " former air marshal; " – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Vajiralongkorn full back tattoo. Global network reported: is already a long time of the king of Thailand? Adu died, the people of Thailand in addition to face the loss of the king’s grief, but also to cope with the new king of the successor to the current political instability caused by. The Prime Minister of Thailand prayudh announced Thursday, Thailand’s crown prince Maha Chulalongkorn wow power set? Prince will officially take over the throne of the American media reported on 13 October, it is said that the upcoming large master but Thailand topped a dandy. U.S. media that the years of succession are indifferent to politics, behavior of gongzige exceeding all expectations is not the king of Thailand the most appropriate. Have been divorced three times and Vajiralongkorn’s words and deeds cruel luxury indulgence has been controversial for many years. Graduated from the military academy, Australia had divorced three times the Vajiralongkorn years of the image is a luxury and indulgence, brutal dandy. As a Royal Air Force admiral he had ordered the appointment of his dog to become Thailand’s Air Force Chief marshal". He and Princess dog birthday party video was made public in 2007, video recording of the princess day almost naked in the pool dance scene, the image of the royal family hit Thailand. Thailand people generally do not like the prince of the princess popularity higher Thailand missionary "offending the monarch", limiting the media to discuss the royal family privacy, but still unable to completely ban on Prince Vajiralongkorn’s outrageous words and deeds. Familiar with the royal family of Thailand media that, although the Thai people can not openly discuss the royal family, but since 1970s they have been constantly in the private discussion of Vajiralongkorn, Thai people generally do not favor the prince. In contrast, second in line to the throne Princess Sirindhorn’s popularity is much taller than her brother, there are many Thai people think is more suitable for the successor to the throne of Thailand silingtong. Thailand and former Prime Minister Thaksin is closely related to the political stability of Thailand challenge in addition to individual words and deeds of Vajiralongkorn, and he stepped down because of the military coup, the exiled former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin has a close relationship, therefore his successor for Thailand’s political stability challenges. Some analysts believe that Vajiralongkorn succeeded may re launch the "Red Army" in support of his letter. Over the past more than and 10 years, the political situation in Thailand consists of representatives of the rural grassroots "red shirts" and on behalf of the city’s elite "yellow shirts" of the two major factions. Two factions struggle in recent years, the more intense, the Thailand military therefore launched a military coup in 2014 to stabilize the political situation. Just the death of King Bhumibhol for many years by the Thailand people’s admiration, played the role of stability in the domestic political struggle, so some analysts worry, if the new king continued his recent purges, the means to consolidate power, he will bring more of Thailand’s political instability in officially took over after.相关的主题文章: