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The old man cover thousands of "cure" quilt was smoked dizzy hundreds of people cheated 200 thousand original title: cover thousands of Yuan "cure" quilt is smoked halo hundreds of elderly people cheated 200 thousand old people in the fairs to buy a "cure" quilt, now returns nowhere. Recently, hundreds of elderly people in Lianjiang at a bedding fair to buy a quilt known as the efficacy of treatment, the total amount of about 200000 yuan. Old people can be found using the quilt not only smell, but also make people uncomfortable. We want to return the quilt when they found that businesses have disappeared. The old man took the opportunity to sell free gifts to attract "cure old quilt" received telephone complaints, the reporter went to the five layer old people buy quilt place – Lianjiang County Chengguan Dragon Bay restaurant. The old people had been waiting to show reporters a leaflet emblazoned with "every time to participate in this activity, can receive a free VAT one, have the opportunity to receive 20 pounds of rice or a bucket of edible oil and other slogan. From the perspective of the leaflets provided by the elderly, this is a trade fair, but what is the specific exhibition, which is not organized by the company. The old people say they are received by common consent, leaflets in the street, on the 18 day, 19 day and 20 day morning came to the list stated on the Dragon Bay restaurant, really received a plastic bucket, washbasin, cups, egg and other gifts. However, the afternoon of the 20 day old people to bring gifts, sales personnel began selling quilts, known as the camel’s hair, can treat lumbar disease, cervical spondylosis, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, the old people with a quilt home what diseases are not. Found deceived to return found businesses has been missing the old people say, the sales staff confused, they spent 1220 yuan to buy a quilt, and the quilt on the price of only 1200 yuan. The old man told reporters that they came home and found that the quilt not only has a bad smell, a person who has to cover the quilt actually fainted. Even more so that the elderly can not think of, originally known as holding 7 days of the exhibition, to the evening of 20 when they go to the venue, has been unable to find businesses, we feel cheated. Reporters noted that the old man did not buy the name and address of the manufacturer. The police have been involved in the investigation of the Dragon Bay restaurant lobby manager told reporters, who rented from the hotel for 3 days (18 to 20) of the venue of bedding fairs, the restaurant was rent space to stay a phone number and bank card information, this information has been handed over to the police. Lianjiang market supervision and Management Bureau, director of Aojiang Lin Kai told reporters that the current number of elderly people cheated, involving an amount of about 200000 yuan. They went to the restaurant after receiving the report about the situation, but by the merchants of incomplete information and investigation means, at present Lianjiang County Chengguan police station has been involved in the investigation.  : Source: Fuzhou evening news editor: Zhang Xiaofei相关的主题文章: