The old man picked up the wallet for selling vegetables many people posing as unclaimed for the elde

The old man picked up the wallet for selling vegetables many people claim in order not to let the old man posing as chilling impersonator, old people will simply choose the wallet to the police station. Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Sun Gaoge Zhu Dingzhao) "was originally a wallet, do not know exactly how many valuable things, but did not think of how they think person is lost, really sad", saying this is a food market in Hongze County of Huaian city by selling vegetables for a living 69 originally, 25 year old Tang Zengfu, on the morning, he bought a pear in the fruit stand when picked up a wallet, a result, many people came to claim, in order not to be false, he will simply choose the wallet to the police station. Fortunately, the police station has been found the wallet owner, if I had been impersonator, but good thing to do ", 26 in the morning, the reporter saw 69 year old Tang Zengfu in Hongze County, the first vegetable market when he was set up a stall selling vegetables. According to its introduction, 25 on the morning of 8 o’clock, he bought pears at a fruit stand near the town of Daqing Road Commercial Bank, suddenly found in time, he prepared to pick pears weighing, a red fruit bag beside his wallet. He thought to himself, which is definitely the fruit to buy down, then picked up the wallet shouted: "which wallet lost?" "Around the beginning nobody claimed," Tang Zengfu told reporters later, someone asked him to open the wallet to see what was inside, he refused, because in his opinion, others he is not allowed to open the wallet, then, several people said they lost wallet. There is only one wallet, how could so many people at the same time lost his wallet, it is clear that someone posing as! Besides, the wallet is not his, how can he open it? Tang Zengfu a look at the situation is not quite right, he firmly grasp the wallet, firmly said: I want to put the wallet to the police station, you can follow me to the police station to return to the police in the face of your lost wallet". The GaoLiangJian Street police station Zhang Shenglong received Tang Zengfu, and his face will open the wallet. After viewing, there are more than 600 yuan in the wallet, ID card and a variety of bank cards, more than and 10. Zhang Shenglong for money were registered according to the owner’s identity card, the library staff query system to find the owner contact. When the police called me, I was riding the electric car to my mother’s home on the road, did not realize that the wallet was lost." Wallet owner Gu Xiumei told reporters, rushed to the police station, Tang Zengfu has left, she wanted to call him face to face was turned down thanks. 25 PM, Gu Xiumei bought some small gifts to the Tang Dynasty by the rich door, again dialed his phone, but was told that something is outside. On the morning of 26, Gu Xiumei and Tang Zengfu through the telephone, said once again want to express gratitude, still declined.相关的主题文章: