The Philippine government and the Philippines Philippine President had reached a ceasefire is co fou

The Philippine government and the Philippine ceasefire is co founder of the Philippine President had students’ original title: the Philippines government and the Philippines were the "new people’s army" to reach a ceasefire indefinitely following a few days before the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia decided to lay down their arms, transformation into political parties, thus ending the country for 52 years after the civil war, the Communist Party of Philippines the leadership of the "new people’s army" on the 26 day and the government reached a cease-fire agreement. According to Xinhua news agency, Oslo, August 26th reported that the Philippines government and the national democratic front of the Communist Party of Philippines led 26 signed a joint statement in Norway’s capital, Oslo, the two sides agreed to implement an indefinite ceasefire. In the joint statement signing ceremony of the Norway foreign minister Brende said the two sides in the past few days of negotiations in the past few years has been some progress problems hinder the reconciliation reached a consensus, especially an indefinite ceasefire agreement prior to the peace process is never achieved, can be considered to have the "breakthrough". Philippines government delegation Duresa (left) and the Philippines National Democratic Front delegation Galan Doni under a cease-fire agreement signing ceremony to shake hands, Norway’s foreign minister · Brende Bolger; (in) clap hands. According to the agreement, the two sides also agreed to accelerate the peace process, to achieve the first substantive agreement on economic and social reforms in 6 months, then plan agreement on issues of political and constitutional reform, paving the way for the final signing of the agreement to end the armed conflict. The two sides also agreed to negotiate the team will continue to hold talks in Oslo from October 8th to 12. The government in Norway under the mediation, the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front in 22 to 26 days in a hotel in Oslo officially resume peace talks to end the Philippines and leadership of the "new people’s army" decades of anti-government armed activities. 60s of the last century, the philippine armed forces to establish a new people’s army, trying to overthrow the government by force, the conflict has caused at least 30 thousand people were killed. The National Democratic Front is a political organization led by the philippines. Philippine military estimates, the new people’s army currently has a total of more than 4000 armed personnel in the Philippines, the country’s 80 provinces in the armed activities of the 60 provinces. Although the previous Philippine government has tried to reach a settlement with the Philippines, but failed for various reasons. Philippines has a long history of the armed forces of the observer network has been in-depth reports, the Communist Party of Philippines was founded in 1930. During the Second World War in Philippines, the Communist Party of Philippines organized the "Hooke army" in 1942. After the war, the government of Philippines to support crackdown on Left-wing Movement in the United States, the Philippines were accordingly established in 1945 the people’s Liberation Army, also referred to as the Hooke army, the army is based on the thought of Mao Zedong, in order to establish the new government as the goal, the use of guerrilla and political means against the Philippines government, rapidly expanding forces. 2014, Philippines, the new people’s army was held 46 anniversary of the establishment of the mid 1950s, Philippines’s guerrilla warfare was plunged into a low ebb. In 1969, the Sino Soviet split background, after splitting the Philippines were in school, with Mao Zedong "sparks of fire"相关的主题文章: