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A network of positive energy infiltration in Colleges and universities in Henan   truth into network language – the media – original title: truth into network language "we want to make the network positive energy occupied the campus, leadership, management rights, the right of discourse firmly grasp the ideological work of the." November 25th, in the Henan provincial university press network theory propaganda positions forum, the Henan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy minister Li Hongwei said the meeting of the 129 Party Committee Propaganda Department of the minister’s voice. At present, all colleges and universities in Henan province have established and improved website, WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms, the students loved the form, students sound, spread positive energy era. Full of positive energy, so that the network has become an important carrier of Ideological and political work in Colleges and universities in Henan. Henan University is one of the earliest universities in Henan to use the network to carry out the construction of campus culture. From the official micro-blog to "plum tower" campus information to the client, WeChat public platform, network has become the main position matrix of Henan University campus culture and the ideological and political work. North China University of water conservancy and hydropower official micro-blog "China Shuiwei Du", meaning "China Water Tongzhou, micro-blog lodge", advocate the value orientation of equality, unity, mutual communication, and to the. This official micro has become an important platform for the majority of teachers and students access to information, record life, information exchange. From the university portal to the University, college and community micro-blog, from the school leadership micro-blog to the teachers and students QQ group, WeChat group, the interaction between the school and students, communication becomes more and more smooth natural. Occupy the position, but also the need for fresh enough content. The guiding role of the flexible use of policy in Henan, so that teachers and students in Colleges and universities, the theory of the enthusiasm of the network on the rise. Many colleges and universities journals, circulation is very small, almost no readers. But, in order to award the titles, teachers must also send articles in the journal. Now, this situation has been broken." Li Hongwei said, "in May 2014, the Henan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department to support the river network, the mapping network has opened up a" central academic "and" think tank in Henan ‘two channel theory, launched a number of outstanding theoretical articles to stimulate positive energy. These online positive energy theoretical articles are equivalent to the theoretical articles published in the Chinese core journals, 8 of which have been named as the Henan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences outstanding achievement award of the year two or three. Currently coordinating the relevant departments to publish the positive energy on the Internet as an important theoretical basis for performance appraisal, job evaluation." On the basis of policy guidance, Henan also focus on the network of public opinion guidance force. Henan in the province to establish more than 18 thousand college youth network team members. Through the network of public opinion and the disposal of network public opinion guidance, cultivate a group of strong Marx doctrine, the traditional ideological and political education in truth into the network language, greatly inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of young college, enhance their ideological identity. Henan High Commission also rely on Zhongyuan University of Technology to invest about 5000000 yuan to establish a public opinion information platform for colleges and universities. More than a dozen professional platform collection of Journalism and communication, computer science and other disciplines. Weekly to high)相关的主题文章: