The report says three types of college graduates, such as high unemployment areas zhuxianduowan

The report said college graduates and other three categories of people into a high incidence of unemployment area, 6, supported by JP Morgan, Tsinghua University and Fudan University to complete the work of China’s labor market skills gap report released. The report notes that 16-29 year old young migrant workers, 22-24 year old college graduates and 45-60 year old middle-aged and elderly labor force has become the highest risk of unemployment among the Chinese population. At the same time, experts pointed out that the current professional settings of colleges and universities lag, called on the state should be delegated to the University of professional settings, making teaching and the market tends to synchronize. Research report pointed out that China’s labor supply there is a significant contradiction in the level of talent, low degree of skill is not intelligent, highly educated but can not meet the practical needs of enterprises. Analysis shows that the highest risk of unemployment among China’s three groups of migrant workers are: 16-29 years old young migrant workers, 22-24 year old college graduates and 45-60 years old middle-aged and older workers. The high risk of unemployment is caused by the lack of job skills and job requirements. Therefore, improving the skill level is the key to reduce the unemployment risk and reduce the overall unemployment rate. Analysis of the survey data show that entrepreneurs in China have to expand overseas, international management talent and strategic design talent shortage. At the same time, there are differences in talent competition among different enterprises. Compared to foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises, domestic enterprises in the capital operation, the Internet and technology research and development and other aspects of a higher degree of talent shortage. Small and medium-sized enterprises are lack of strategic design talents, technical R & D personnel and senior technical workers, and the shortage of large and medium-sized enterprises in the capital operation personnel, Internet talent is relatively high. For the high unemployment rate of college graduates, Dean of the school of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Li Qiang pointed out that, first, because of the professional setting of higher education, enrollment scale and market demand disjointed. "On the market hot big data industry, for example, many universities in the United States has been very quickly adjust the professional settings, launched a match with the curriculum, which is not feasible in china. Because the university can not set up a professional, you must wait for the Ministry of education to adjust the professional directory, which will go through many years." Li Qiang suggested that it should be market-oriented, given greater autonomy for universities, the establishment of the market, universities and the community to participate in the path of professional settings. Colleges and universities need to set up a flexible professional, to the relevant departments for the record.相关的主题文章: