The representatives of Tianjin district and Township People’s Congress meet with voters-gamelink

Tianjin District, Township People’s Congress officially meet representatives of candidates and voters 10 month 25 day to 31 day, the city’s districts adopt various forms of organization, the Township People’s Congress officially meet representatives of candidates and voters, introduced by the formal candidates, answer the questions of the voters. The electoral organizations in all districts and towns have seriously planned and organized, and the voters have participated extensively. The candidates and voters are formally represented, the activities are standardized and orderly, and they are full of democratic atmosphere. In the activity, the election committee or the constituency leadership team to voters in detail the basic situation of official representatives of candidates, formal candidates carefully introduced to the voters of his work as well as to the elected representatives to perform their duties after intention; voters on behalf of candidates elected representatives to perform their duties on behalf of, play the role of deputies and voters to accept the problem supervision, candidates are given the answer. Formal candidates have said that if elected deputies, will take the lead in politics, strict discipline, earnestly perform duties on behalf of, deeply reflect the good constituency, hot and difficult issues of concern to the masses, and suggestions for regional economic development suggestions, do not live up to the expectations of the voters. Through mutual communication and communication, the voters further increased their understanding of the candidates and laid the foundation for a better election and a sacred vote. At the same time, it also strengthens the political consciousness, legal consciousness and public servant consciousness of the official candidates. In from November 1st to 5th, the constituencies in the city will organize the voters to vote according to the voting time determined by the region and the township.

天津区、乡镇人大正式代表候选人与选民见面   10月25日至31日,全市各选区采取多种形式组织区、乡镇人大正式代表候选人与选民见面,由正式代表候选人介绍本人的情况,回答选民的问题。   各区县、乡镇选举工作机构认真筹划组织,选民广泛参与,正式代表候选人与选民见面活动规范有序,充满民主气氛。活动中,选举委员会或选区选民领导小组向选民详细介绍正式代表候选人的基本情况,正式代表候选人认真地向选民介绍自己的工作情况以及如能当选代表后的履职意愿;选民对代表候选人提出了当选代表后如何履行代表职责、发挥代表作用、接受选民监督等问题,代表候选人都给予了一一解答。正式代表候选人纷纷表示,如果当选人大代表,将带头讲政治,严格遵纪守法,认真履行好代表职责,积极深入选区,反映好群众关心的热点难点问题,为区域经济发展建言献策,不辜负广大选民的厚望。通过相互沟通和交流,使选民进一步增加了对正式代表候选人的了解,为更好地行使选举权,投下神圣的一票奠定了基础。同时,也使正式代表候选人进一步增强了政治意识、法律意识和公仆意识。   11月1日至5日,全市各选区将按照本区、乡镇确定的投票选举时间,组织选民进行投票选举。相关的主题文章: