The same thing Tang Weimin Gu Tianlong double solo exhibition

Tang Weimin Gu Tianlong: the same double exhibition opening on November 5, 2016 at 15:00, the same Tang Weimin Gu Tianlong double solo exhibition in Today Art Museum 3 Museum opening. The exhibition opening ceremony of the exhibition of the realist artists Tang Weimin and Gu Tianlong, in more than 70 pieces of works of Today Art Museum, showing the "realism" of this "Shututonggui" concept of art. It is reported that the Tang Weimin double exhibition will continue until the end of November 20th, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States and China will continue until the end of the year. Today Art Museum curator Dr. Gao Peng Tang Weimin the artist artist Gu Tianlong Today Art Museum curator Gao Peng said: "the same thing, used by different ways, arrive at the same destination. As a pair of works of art, although the works are selected to watch the specific angle, the final viewer feel the common, are the value of painting as a material existence itself. In the art of every hue, painting as one long-standing, famous men, the same as the realism artist Tang Weimin and Gu Tianlong two people, is the same for the pursuit of beauty, Gu Tianlong love more realistic beauty, and Tang Weimin love romantic beauty. Their pursuit of beauty is not the same, but invariably chose a similar theme and expression techniques. For them, the pursuit of beauty, after all." A part of the exhibition Purple Air from East the appreciation of Tang Weimin 180x90cm, 2014 Oil on Canvas Volley in Morning in the morning of the Tang Weimin Valley canvas (Oil on Canvas). 2014147x90cm Walking around Mountain 2013180x90cm Tang Weimin Hill canvas (Oil on Canvas) Warm Evening 2013147x90cm Tang Weimin warm night canvas (Oil on Canvas) Gu Tianlong return 180×200 cm 2016 oil painting canvas Oil on Canvas Ugyen Digger Denon Ukraine Kim Gu Tao 160×280 cm, 2013-2014 (Oil on Canvas) oil painting Gu Tianlong Tibet Tibet series 9 Tibet Tibet Series 92016 100×100 cm (Oil on Canvas) oil painting exhibition exhibition information: the same name — Tang Weimin Gu Tianlong double solo artist: Tang Weimin Gu Tianlong, curator: Gao Peng opening time: November 5, 2016 15:00 exhibition time: 2016 11.3-2016 11.20 organizer: Today Art Museum Address: Today Art Museum Hall 3, level 1, level 2相关的主题文章: